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Adam Baum

Adam Zapel

Al Bino

Al Dente

Al Fresco

Al K. Seltzer

Alf A. Romeo

Ali Gaither, Ali Katt

Amanda Lay (real person)

Amanda Lynn (a mandolin)

Amber Green

Andy Friese (as in antifreeze, a real race car driver)

Anita Bath, Anita Bohn, Anita Dick, Anita Friske, Anita Hanke (real person), Anita Goodman, Anita Hoare, Anita Job

Anita Knapp, Anita Lay, Anita Little, Anita Mann, Anita Mandalay, Anita Plummer, Anita Shower

Anna Conda

Anna Fender (an offender)

Anna Graham

Anna Prentice (an apprentice)

Anna Recksiek (anorexic)

Anna Sasin

Anne Teak

Annette Curtain

Annie Howe, Annie Matter

April May (a real person I knew in high school)

April Schauer (allegedly a real person)

Aretha Holly

Armand Hammer

Art Major, Art Painter, Art Sellers

B.A. Ware

Barb Dwyer

Barb E. Dahl

Barbara Seville

Barry Cade

Bea Minor and Dee Major

Beau Archer, Beau Tye

Ben Dover, Ben Down, Eileen Dover, Skip Dover

Ben Marcata (a musical term)

Bess Eaton (donut shop chain)

Biff Wellington

Bill Board

Bill Ding

Bill Foldes

Bill Loney

Billy Rubin

Bob Apple

Bob Katz, Tom Katz, Kitty Katz

Bonnie Ann Clyde

Bonnie Beaver, MD - she's an Ob/Gyn of course!

Brad Hammer (carpenter joke)

Brandon Cattell, Brandon Irons

Brandy Anne Koch (Brandy and Coke)

Brandy D. Cantor

Brighton Early

Brock Lee

Brooke Trout

Bud Light

Bud Wieser (real college math teacher)

Buster Cherry, Buster Hyman

C. Good (alledgedly a real eye doctor)

C. Senor

C. Worthy

C. Write (another alleged optician)

Cam Payne

Candace Spencer (can dispenser)

Candy Barr, Candy Baskett, Candy Kane, Candy Sweet

Cara Sterio (alleged real person)

Cara Van

Carrie Dababi ("carry the baby" - Dababi is an Egyptian name)

Carrie Oakey

Casey Macy

Charity Case

Cheri Pitts, Harry Pitts

Chip Munk

Chip Stone (sculptor)

Chris Coe

Chris Cross

Chris P. Bacon

Chuck U. Farley

Chuck Waggon

Claire Annette Reed

Constance Noring

Corey Ander

Corey O. Graff

Count Dunn, Count Orff

Coyne Flatt (real person)

Craven Moorehead

Crystal Ball

Crystal Claire Waters

Crystal Glass, Crystal Snow

D. Kay, DDS

D. Liver

Dan D. Lyons

Dan Druff

Dan Saul Knight

Darren Deeds

Daryl Rhea

Dick Bender (real sports person)

Dick Burns

Dick Bush (real person)

Dick Face

Dick Finder (real name of a urologist)

Dick Head, Dick Hertz

Dick Hyman (famous jazz musician)

Dick Hunter (my junior high principal - really!)

Dick Mussell

Dick Pole (real Major League Baseball player)

Dick Rasch (real person)

Dick Swett

Dick Tator

Dick Trickle (real person, a NASCAR driver)

Dick Wood (real person, emailed me)

Dickson Yamada

Dilbert Pickles

Dinah Soares

Dixon, Cox, and Peters (law firm)

Don Key

Donald Duck

Donny Brook

Doris Schutt (Doris Open...)

Doug Graves

Doug Hole

Doug & Phil Updegrave (yes, this is a legitimate last name)

Doug Witherspoon

Douglas Furr

Dr. Baldock (of course he's a Urologist)

Dr. Croak

Dr. Harry C. Beaver (real OB/GYN, retired now)

Dr. Bender (Chiropracter)

Dr. Butcher

Dr. DeKay, DDS

Dr. & Dr. Doctor (real married doctors from Norwalk, CT)

Dr. E. Ville

Dr. Shelly Fingerhood (real OB/GYN)

Dr. Gass (allegedly a real anesthesiologist)

Dr. Gutstein

Dr. Hanus

Dr. Hurt (real pediatrician in Saginaw, MI)

Dr. Hymen

Dr. I. Ball (optometrist)

Dr. Kauff

Dr. Look (real opthalmologist in Hawaii)

Dr. Looney - a psychiatrist of course!

Dr. Payne (plastic surgeon in Sandusky, OH)

Dr. Pullham

Dr. Robert Fallis, real doctor who does vasectomies)

Dr. Slaughter (proof HERE, probably more with that name)

Dr. Surgeon (another real doctor from Stamford, CT)

Drew Peacock

Duane Pipe

Dusty Carr, Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Sandmann (real person, submitted by his dad Roger Sandmann)

Edna May (or may not)

Earl E. Bird

Earl Lee Riser

Easton West (and of course Weston East)

Eaton Wright and Liv Good

Edward Z. Filler, DDS

Ella Vader

Emma Royds

Eric Shinn

Ernie Coli (E. Coli) owns a Mexican restaurant

Estelle Hertz (it still hurts)

Evan Keel

Faith Christian

Fanny O'Rear

Father A. Long

Ferris Wheeler

Ford Parker

Forrest Green

Foster Child

Dr. Frank Bonebreak (real doctor)

Frank Enstein

Gae Hooker (allegedly real surgical prep nurse)

Gaye Barr

Gaye Jolly

Gail Force

Gail Storm (Wendy Storm, Dusty Storm and Rory Storm)

Gene Poole

Geoff L. Tavish (Gefilte fish)

Gil Fish

Ginger Rayl, Ginger Snapp, Ginger Vitus

Gladys C. Hughes (glad to see you)

H. Wayne Carver, MD (Connecticut medical examiner who carves up dead people.)

Hamilton Burger (Ham Burger, character on the old Perry Mason TV series)

Harden Thicke

Harold Assman (and you thought that Seinfeld episode was just a joke)

Harry Armand Bach

Harry Baals (real person, you must see THIS)

Harry Beard, Harry Beaver

Harry Caray (famous sports announcer)

Harry Chest, Harry Cox, Harry Johnson, Harry Legg, Harry Hooker, Harry P. Ness, Harry Peters, Harry Lipp, Harry Sachs

Harry R. M. Pitts

Harry Rump (real plumber from Freemont, Maine)

Hazle Nutt

Heidi Clare

Helen Back

Helen Waite (credit manager - if you want credit go to Helen Waite)

Herb Farmer, Herb Rice

Holly McRell

Holly Day, Holly Wood

Howie Doohan

Hugh Jass

Hugh Jorgan

Hugh Morris (a "humorous" name, thanks to Shaun Oriold)

Hy Ball

Hy Lowe, Bea Lowe

Hy Marx (scholar), Hy Price

I.D. Clair

I. Lasch

I.M. Boring

I.P. Freely, I.P. Daly

Ileane Wright, Ilene South (West, East...)

Ima Hogg (a real person, daughter of a Texas governor)

Iona Ford

Iona Frisbee (alledgedly a real person)

Iona Stonehouse (also alledgedly a real person)

Ivan Oder

Ivana Mandic (a real basketball player)

Ivy Leage

Jack Goff (my uncle - no kidding!)

Jack Haas

Jack Hammer

Jack Knoff

Jack Pott

Jack Tupp (the perfect name for a car mechanic)

Jacklyn Hyde

Jasmine Rice (I found this one in my cupboard)

Jay Walker

Jean Poole

Jed Dye (Jedi)

Jenny Tull

Jerry Atrick

Jim Laucher (gym locker)

Jim Shorts, Jim Shu, Jim Sox

Jo King

Joe Kerr (joker)

Jordan Rivers

Joy Kil

Joy Rider

June Bugg

Justin Case, Justin Casey Howells, Justin Hale, Justin Inch, Justin Miles North (just ten miles north), Justin Time,

Kandi Apple

Kay Bull

Keelan Early (dying young) - real person who submitted his own name

Kelly Green

Ken Dahl

Kenny Penny

Kent C. Strait (an optometrist, of course!)

Kenya Dewit

Kerry Oki

King Queene

Lake Speed (a real person, NASCAR race car driver)

Lance Boyle, Lance Butts

Laura Lynne Hardy, Laurel Ann Hardy

Laura Norder (Law and Order)

Laurence Getzoff

Leigh King (leaking)

Les Moore

Les Payne - should be an anesthesiologist

Les Plack, a real dentist - proof HERE

Levon Coates

Lewis N. Clark

Mike Sweeney

Milly Graham

Minny van Gogh

Missy Sippy (and her mom, Mrs. Sippy)

Mister Bates

Misty Waters (a real person)

Misty C. Shore (a real person), Rocky Shore, Sandy C. Shore (another real person)

Mo Lestor

Molly Kuehl

Mona Lott

Monica Monica (real person)

Morey Bund

Muddy Waters (famous blues singer, real name McKinley Morganfield)

Myles Long

Nancy Ann Cianci

Nat Sass

Neil Down, Neil Crouch

Neil McNeil (submitted by his cousin)

Nick O. Time

Noah Riddle, Noah Lott

Norma Leigh Lucid

Olive Branch

Olive Green

Olive Yew (I love you)

Oliver Sutton (all of a sudden)

Ophelia Payne

Oren Jellow

Orson Carte

Oscar Ruitt

Otto Graf

Owen Moore, Owen Bigg (should be tax collectors)

P. Ness, A. Ness

P. Brain

Paige Turner

Park A. Studebaker

Pat Downe (a real person)

Pat McCann

Pat Hiscock

Pearl Button

Pearl E. Gates, Pearl E. White

Peg Legge

Penny Dollar, Bill Dollar (real people)

Penny Lane, Penny Nichols, Penny Profit, Penny Wise

Pepe Roni

Pete Moss and his son Forest

Peter Johnson (a real announcer on public radio), Dick Johnson

Peter Peed

Peter Wacko, DDS (real dentist in Calgary, AB, proof HERE)

Phil Bowles (must be a pot dealer)

Phil Graves (cemetery employee, works with his brother Doug Graves)

Phil Rupp

Phil Wright, DDS (real dentist in Anchorage, AK, proof HERE)

Phillip D. Bagg (partner of Robin Banks below)

Pierce Cox (ouch!)

Pierce Deere

Pierce Hart

Polly Ester

Post, Mark

Price Wright (another real person)

Priti Manek ("pretty manic", real doctor in Houston, TX)

R. M. Pitt

R. Sitch

R. Slicker

Randy Guy

Randy Lover

Raney Schauer

Ray Gunn

Ray Zenz (raisins)

Raynor Schein

Reid Enright

Rex Easley

Rhea Curran

Rhoda Booke, Rita Booke

Rich Feller

Rick O'Shea

Rick Shaw

Rip Torn

Rita Buch

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Q: How can you find a complete list of Buffalo Bill cheerleaders from 1982 2000?
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