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No Specialized gear is needed to dive to the depths where the Lusitania rests.

At 450 feet the wreck is not available to sport divers.

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Q: How can you dive to the Lusitania?
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What is the duration of The Sinking of the Lusitania?

Germany claimed the Lusitania had weapons on board.

Which of the following statements the sinking of the Lusitania is true?

Germany claimed the Lusitania had weapons on board.

Why did Germany torpedo the Lusitania?

In short, Germany thought it was smuggling weapons and ammo for the Allies and had the passengers as a... way to cover it up. The British denied those claims after it was sunk, but a dive on the Lus. confirmed it was loaded with weapons and ammo.

Did more people die on the Titanic or Lusitania?


What country did Lusitania belong?

The Lusitania belonged to the British.

When and How did the lusitania sink?

The Lusitania sank all because of a German Submarine fired a torpedo towards the ship, and that is how the Lusitania sank.

When was The Sinking of the Lusitania created?

Germany claimed the Lusitania had weapons on board.

What did Romans call portrugal?

They called it Hispania Lusitania or Lusitania.

What was the name of the British ship sunk by Germany?

Lusitania Lusitania

What is the significance cance of lusitania?

Lusitania was the Roman name for Portugal.

How many Americans was on the Lusitania?

139 were on Lusitania, 128 died

How many Lusitania were there?

There was just one passenger liner Lusitania.

How fast did the Lusitania sink?

The Lusitania sank in about 20 minutes.

Where was the lusitania when it sank?

the lusitania was in voyage to liverpool

Is it okay to sink the Lusitania?

No, the Lusitania is a famous passenger ship that should not been targeted by the submarine. It's not the greatest idea to sink the Lusitania.

How many infant and children died on the lusitania sinking?

Germany claimed the Lusitania had weapons on board.

Was the Lusitania sunk by Germany or Japan?

the Lusitania was sunk by Germany in 1915

How big was the Lusitania?

The lusitania was 750 feet long and 32,500 tones

What was the controversial mystery question in regards to the Lusitania?

Was the Lusitania carrying ammunition

What was the rescue of the rms lusitania like?

the lusitania was very hectic and stressfull

Is the Lusitania a sister to the Titanic to?

I think yes the Lusitania is the sister of the Titanic

How long was the RMS Lusitania?

The RMS Lusitania was 787 feet long.

Where in Scotland was the lusitania launched?

RMS Lusitania was launched at Clydebank, Scotland.

Why did the ocean liner Lusitania sink?

The Lusitania was torpedoed by a German submarine.

Who sunk the british liner lusitania in 1915?

German U-Boats sunk the Lusitania because the Lusitania may have held British war munitions.