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To contact Sandy Lyle, go to the Sandy Lyle Website in the Related Links section and it will take you straight to her homepage. And, when you are on her homepage, it will say "Contact Me" and press on that. It will then say "Write An E-Mail For Sandy To Read And She Will Respond."

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Q: How can you contact Sandy Lyle the golfer?
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Who was the first golfer to win the US Masters three times?

In 1988 Sandy Lyle became the first British winner of the tournament.

When was Sandy Lyle born?

Sandy Lyle was born on 1958-02-09.

Who won the Master Golf Tournament in 1988?

Sandy Lyle

Where does Sandy Lyle live?


Did Sandy Lyle win the Masters?

Yes, in 1988.

What golfers have won The Open at Royal Lytham?

sandy lyle!

Who won the 1988 Masters?


Who was Jack Nicklaus's playing partner in the final round of the 1986 Masters?

Sandy Lyle

How can you contact Jim Thorpe the golfer?

Give him a call.

What movie and television projects has Sandy Lyle been in?

Sandy Lyle has: Played Page in "The Adventures of Robin Hood" in 1955. Played himself in "A Question of Sport" in 1970. Played Mr. Compton in "Grange Hill" in 1978. Played Sprayer in "Fox" in 1980. Played Cpl. Wilcox in "Fairly Secret Army" in 1984.

How do you contact pro golfer mickey wright?

Wikianswers does not give out contact information. My best advice to you would be trying to contact her either through a fan site, or fan mail address if you can find one.

What nicknames does Art Lyle go by?

Art Lyle goes by Lyle.