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I don't think that you can. I'm sorry!

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Q: How can you blow up a volley ball without a needle?
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How do you fill air in soccer ball without a pump?

Blow inside the ball through the hole!

How do you pump up a basketball?

you need a balloon and a needle like a pump needle or a cooking needle. blow the balloon up to the max and use a paperclip to keep the air in the balloon. then cut off the tip of the balloon. afterwards use it to keep the needle in the balloon then put the needle in the ball take the clip off and wait. it might not inflate it all the way up but it will do some good until you get a real pump.

Why does a ball roll when you blow on it?

The ball rolls when you blow on it because of Friction.

Can zorb ball blow?

Blow What

How can move objects without touching them?

air, water etc. can move object. Example: A ping pong ball is on a table. Blow on the ball it moves.

How do you blow up a basketball with no needle?

it sounds crazy but put the soccer,basketball in the microwave i'm not sure how long so try it for 20 seconds and if needed add more another way is to use a balloon. blow the balloon up then add the needle to the balloon make sure you don't let any air out. then put the other end of the needle in the ball and let the air out i saw this in a video. it works

How do you lose air out of a water polo ball?

You either cut a hole, or when you pump the ball, put the tube in and then when it is almost out, leave it there. It should make a hissing sound and you should be able to feel some air blowing. you kill it with a kitchen knife you pop it or take the needle outof the pump to blow it up and just leave it in the basketball

How do you blow up a rubber ball with no needle?

If they are of a professional type (match ball quality) There will be a laced area which covers a small valve - its here the pump with the correct fitting is used - If its a basic retail quality they have a valve similar to that of a bicycle tyre and its here you pump it up

Why does a ping pong ball role out of a funnel when you blow into the funnel?

A ball, like liquids, travels downwards. So, when you blow on it, you give a push to the ball. When the ball loses the power, it rolls downwards. (Out the pipe) By: SupeRMAn

What are pufferfish's adaptations?

they blow up into a ball

What are pufferfish's adaptation?

they blow up into a ball

How much air does it take to blow up a soccer ball?

Test it like this: Hold the ball as high as your arm will reach without lifting your toes. Then, let it do a fall with no acceleration. If the ball reaches your head with the first bounce it is fully blown up.