How can you be an arsenal mascot?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Become a junior gunner (look on and then you will get the chance to be one.

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Q: How can you be an arsenal mascot?
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What is the name of arsenal mascot?

The Arsenal club mascot is called Gunnersaurus.

What is the Arsenal mascot Gunnersaurus squad number?

The nickname for Arsenal is the Gunners. The 'saurus' part was made up so they can have a dinosaur-like mascot.

Which premier league team has a dinosaur as its mascot?

Arsenal (Gunnersaurus).

How was the name arsenal created?

It is because at arsenal the army arsenal was there.

Is Wenlock the Olympic mascot or the Paralympic mascot?

Wenlock is the Olympic mascot

What is the name of the mascot?

well it can be any mascot which mascot are u looking for??

Do the Toronto Raptors have a mascot?

There mascot is a raptor, the coolest mascot in the NBA

What is the mascot for nyu and what year did this mascot become the mascot for nyu?

The NYU mascot is the bobcat. It was introduced in 1984. The mascot prior to this was the violet, introduced in 1983.

What was the first mascot for the philes?

Who was the first Philes Mascot?Who was the first Philes Mascot?

What is princetons mascot?

The mascot for Princeton University is the Tigers.

How do you put the word arsenal in a sentence?

The collector has an arsenal of weapons. He keeps his collections of guns in his arsenal. She has an arsenal of ideas for her project.

What is Arsenal Twitter handle?

The twitter handle of Arsenal Football Club is @Arsenal.