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Usually F1 drivers starts very young, at the age of 9yrs old they start kart-racing.

Some F1 racers didn't start young.

If you know any nearby autodrome, start racing there, it might cost a lot of money, involve yourself in competitions after a lot of pratice...You might get the chance to get to F2, or GP2, that's the way to F1

Otherwise there are F1 schools in most countries around the world.

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Q: How can you be a F1 racer?
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How much does a F1 racer make in a year?

a f1 racer make around 37 million us dollars a year

What is the Email address of f1 racer valentino rossi?

Valentino is not an F1 racer. F1 is cars. Vale races in MotoGP ( prototype motorcycles ). His email address is not given out to strangers.

Who is the present f1 racer of red bull team?

sebastian vettel

How do you unlock the F1 racer in Top Gear stunt school?

You have to win the stig trial

How can a non racer do a test drive in a Formula One car?

Closest you could come to an F1 car is a simulator.

Who is the most successful F1 driver?

The most successful F1 driver in the history of the sport is Michael Schumacher of Germany. He is best known for his stint with Ferrari. He has a total of 91 race wins and 7 drivers world championships and is arguably the best F1 racer ever.

Which F1 racer won the recent Canadian grand pix June 2013?

Sebastian Vettel won the 2013 Canadian Grand Prix.

Who is the best f1 racer in the world?

For the most victories: Micheal Shumacher For best sportsmanship: Ayrton Senna For the best recruit: Lewis Hamilton

Who are the best f1 racer in 2011?

Lewis Hamilton, Sebastion Vettle, Jenson Button, Micheal Shumacha and Fernando Alonso. wiggle wiggle!

Who is austrslia's only formula one driver?

Daniel Ricciardo, of the Red Bull Racing team is the only current Australian F1 driver as of the 2014 season. Mark Webber used to be an F1 racer as well, but has since retired from the sport.

What is the difference between an F1 car and a GT1 car?

Formula 1 is a open cockpit open wheel racer while a gt1 is a grand touring race car

Was david beckham a formula 1 racer?

No, he is a professional footballer and a celebrity. However, he does attend some F1 GP Race weekends but it's not too common for him to do so.

Which car racer lost his two legs in Formula 1 racing?

Alessandro Zanardi was a Formula 1 driver before, and he has lost his two legs in a race, but it was IRL, not F1.

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How do you become professional car racer?

Will need a consequent amount of money, talent and time. Start karting at nine years old, join organize races. Join GP2 school nearby, find a team like Durango etc...That is if you want to be an F1 racer.

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What is the easy way to be a F1 racer?

There is no easy way. It takes years of learning how to drive well, having the knack in the first place, and then being able to work your way up and earn a place in the competition.

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