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you can promote peace through sports by showing good sportsmanship and also athletes can guide little children to a better living.

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By the way you act((:

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Q: How can you achieve solidarity and unity through sports?
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How would you use solidarity in a sentence?

Solidarity means unity or aggrement. They had a feeling of solidarity after their workout together.

How do we achieve sentence unity through effective coordination and parallelism?

Achieving Sentence Unity through Effective Coordination and Parallelism

What is the motto of Naval State University?

The motto of Naval State University is 'Nobility,Solidarity & Unity'.

What is te role of the Olympics in your world society?

AnswerTry to bring unity between countries through sports

What are the ruff ryders colors?

black and silver. solidarity and unity.

What was the point of the Single European act in 1986?

Through this treaty the European Community seeks to achieve European Unity

How do you write a paragraph about how solidarity makes us strong?

you say that solidarity makes us strong peopleThe official definition for the word solidarity "unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group."

Ways to achieve unity in a sentence?

show some unity , you are brothers. People lack in unity Worldwide.

Which is one of the primary ways to achieve unity through color?

One primary way to achieve unity through color is to act like it doesn't exist. Our eyes will see the color of people's skin. But our hearts can only see how they make us feel. Treat people like you want to be treated.

What qualities emerged when we united as people during our EDSA people power experience?

Calmness Faithfullness Solidarity Unity Teamwork

What does a circle of stars mean?

Possibly the European Union logo. It usually means unity, solidarity and harmony.

How can you achieve unity?

One way to achieve unity is to not focus on what is different about people. Instead focus on thinking of everyone in the group as one team.