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It would not be advisable to use a skull for a Bowling ball. Bones are fragile, especially cranial bones, and it would likely shatter upon impact. If one is really interested in skulls and wants to express this when bowling, they may want to add skull decals to their ball or find a ball with holographic skulls printed on it.

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Q: How can one use a skull for a bowling ball?
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Can a bowling ball be resurfaced by the person who use the ball?

Yes.. And, even if not, do it when is no one is looking ;)

How do you lift a bowling ball from the rack?

The proper way to lift a bowling ball from the rack is to use both hands, placing one hand on each side of the ball and lifting without straining your back.

What bowling ball does the best pros use?

They all use different ones. Most professionals are sponsored by different bowling ball compaines, so they all get to pick wich type of ball they would like to use. They do have a few things in common though. They all have reactive cores, and they all weigh about the same, between 12 to 16 pounds.

What are the safety rules for bowling?

Use two hands when picking up the bowling ball from the return rack. Watch out for another ball being returned when picking up your ball.

Would you use a bowling ball covered in wool?

No, the wool would absorb some of the energy, making the bowling ball less effective for its purpose.

What basic equipment is used for bowling?

The basic equipment needed for a bowler is the bowling ball and bowling shoes. A bag to carry the ball in is common. Some bowlers use wrist aids for support.

Can you use a reactive bowling ball for a spare ball?

Yes, but you have to completely flatten your wrist to make it or it will hook

What type of bowling ball do pros use for ten pin spares?


What unit of metric weight would you use to measure a bowling ball?


What is a track in bowling?

A track in bowling is referring to the balls trajectory down the lane. Based on where a bowler aims, the lanes oils conditions, the bowling ball use, their rotation and other factors, the trajectory can be vastly different from game to game. A track can also refer to the oil track on a ball. Some bowlers use this track to determine how the ball is rolling and what part of the ball is actually in contact with the lane.

It is better to use a 14 pound bowling ball over a 15 pound bowling ball?

What pound bowling ball you use depends on your body type and age. If you are a bit bigger and stronger you are ganna want a heavier ball cause it will hit harder. If you were to use a light ball being big and strong it would just bounce off the pins rather then knocking them down. So if you are more comfortable with a 15 lb ball then i would go with that because it would most likely hit harder.

What kind of bowling ball should you use if you want to go straight down the lane to within two feet from the pocket and then turn left?

There's really only one kind of bowling ball…a round one. Bowlers are able to make the ball curve and arc due to the spin they put on the ball. This takes skill to learn how to do, but the finger-hole configuration and weight of the ball are mostly a matter of the personal preference of the bowler.