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LoL tang ina mo ! ? :D

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Q: How can one benefit from his her participation in individual sports?
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What was one of the benefit of the spoil system?

It boosted political participation >NovaNet<

What is the biggest participation sport in Ireland?

Gaelic football, which is one of Ireland's national sports.

How can one benefit from this dual sports?

i like to poo on the floor =)

Which is better, team sports or individual sports?

A team sport involved playing a sport with teammates such as baseball and socccer, because there are other people on your team. An individual sport like golf or singles tennis is just you playing by yourself against another individual.

What is the difference between individual and dual sports?

Individual sports are played without a team or a partner where as dual sports my be played with two or more individuals. An example of an individual sport is Golf or Singles Tennis. Both sports can, however be played on a team. Most Universities have a Golf or Tennis club (which makes them dual sports as well).

How Filipino kinship system affects individual views and participation in politics?

i think one of my classmates have asked this question. hahaha

How sports and games benefit adutls?

Number one way: money! Otherwise, companionship, exercise, and the like.

Who was allowed to compete in the first summer Olympic games?

Practically anyone who applied for participation in time, provided is was for one of the sports that then was on the program and provided they were men.

What is a fiduciary account?

fiduciary account -- a savings account, the funds of which are owned by one individual but administered for that individual's benefit by another individual, such as a legally appointed conservator, trustee, or agent.

What is the correct definition of individual team sport?

Sports consisting of more than one player on the field or court at a time.

Which sports have worldwide participation?

Football also known as soccer is the most popular sport. Most sport one can think of that host world cup events mostly have world wide participation. Tennis, rugby, cricket and athletics are more examples.

Why are individual and dual sports important?

Individual sports allow athletes to focus on themselves and their own performance. Dual sports takes the focus off the individual and places it on the team. Both have their pros and cons in terms of learning personal development and life skills.