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it can be avoided by streching

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Q: How can injuries be avoided?
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How can eye and mouth injuries be avoided?

In everyday life, eye and mouth injuries can be avoided by being careful. Avoiding sharp objects, rough objects, and avoid bringing things close to the eyes and mouth. In sports, injuries are best avoided with proper use of equipment. mouthguards, helmets, and goggles would help prevent injuries, as well as use of safety rules.

What are some of the easiest fitness related injuries to avoid and how can they be avoided?

I recommend wearing the proper clothing for the sport and tie your shoes.

How often do people get into injury accidents?

Most people will never be involved in an accident causing injuries in their lifetime. Accidents can be avoided by paying attention to people and your surroundings.

What percentage of on-the-job injuries or accidents do you think are unavoidable?

The lowest percentage. Most accidents can be avoided over 60 percent.

What is a sentence for avoided?

I avoided the basketball

Is it safe for a girl to give a 135 pound guy a piggyback ride?

If you feel you can easily carry the person, and have no history of brittle bones/osteoporosis or back injuries, then you should be ok. If you feel that it will be even the slightest bit difficult for you to carry this amount of weight, it's best not to do it - back injuries are best avoided.

Which wrestling injuries are the most common in the sport?

The most common wrestling injuries in this sport are neck injuries and back injuries and shoulder injuries and calf injuries and groin injuries and foot injuries especially.

Did the civil war was avoided?

No, it was not avoided. It occurred.

What are the most common injuries in cars crashes?

These are Soft tissue injuries, Crush injuries, Lacerations, bruises and "road rash", Shoulder injuries, Foot and ankle injuries, Knee injuries, Neck injuries and whiplash, Limb loss and amputation, Disfiguring facial injuries and scars, Fractures and broken bones, Internal injuries, Burns, Back Injuries, Spinal cord injuries and paralysis, and Traumatic brain injuries.

What is the best message you can communicate about your unit remedial pt?

Option 3: Remedial PT is a military tradition that often puts the least fit at risk for musculoskeletal injuries, and should be avoided.

What is the best message you can communicate to your unit about remedial PT?

Option 3: Remedial PT is a military tradition that often puts the least fit at risk for musculoskeletal injuries, and should be avoided.

What injuries can sport cause?

Sports can cause alot of injuries form minor injuries to career ending injuries to Lfe threating injuries

Can pearlshipping be avoided?

if you wanted it too but it shouldn't be avoided

Which injuries are covered by jsb guidelines?

The following injuries are covered by jsb guidelines: 1. Neck injuries; 2. Back injuries; 3. Shoulder injuries; 4. Injuries to the Pelvis and Hips; 5. Amputation of Arms; 6.Other Arm injuries; 7. Injuries to the Elbow; 8. Wrist injuries; 9. Hand injuries; 10. Vibration White Finger (VWF) and/or Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS); 11. Work-related Upper Limb Disorders; 12. Leg injuries; 13. Knee injuries; 14. Ankle injuries; 15. Achilles tendon; 16. Foot injuries; 17. Toe injuries.

What types of sports injuries are the most common?

The most common sports injuries are Achilles injuries, groin injuries, hamstring injuries, sprained ankles, wrist injuries, shoulder tendon inflammation and a tennis elbow.

What are the most serious injuries?

Some serious injuries are a boken spine, bad head injuries, and bad internal injuries.

What is common ballet injuries?

Common ballet injuries would be sprained ankles, injuries to achilles tendons, and injuries to knees

How many injuries or deaths was caused by Krakatoa?

injuries were about 36,417 and there were countless injuries

How can eyestrain be avoided in microscope study?

how can eyestrain be avoided in microscopic study

Dangers of basketball?

pulling a hamstring, knee injuries ankles injuries head injuries

What is the prognosis for splenic trauma?

.When trauma patients stabilize during nonoperative therapy, chances are high that surgery will be avoided and that spleen injuries will heal themselves. diagnostic tests such as CT and MRI scans have improved chances of avoiding splenectomy.

What are common injuries with archery sporting goods?

Some common injuries with archery sporting goods are shoulder including rotator cuff, elbow injuries, wrist injuries, back, forearm and finger injuries.

What are common injuries in biking accidents?

There are a number of common injuries that can occur as a result of a biking accident. These injuries include fractures, spinal cord injuries, road rash, brain injuries and crushed arms.

What is the past perfect tense of avoided?

Avoided is the past tense and past participle of avoid. The past perfect tense of avoid is had avoided.

What are the most common dance injuries?

The most common dance injuries are ankles and leg injuries