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Click on the '2006 Fresno State Roster' link below to see the roster.

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Q: How can i find the 2006 football roster for Fresno university?
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When was Fresno state last road game win in football?

Wisconson 2006

Which 2 Super Bowls did not have a player from the University of Southern California on either roster?

2006 and 1994

Where can you find a roster for the 1983 Ohio state football team?

2006 Heisman trophy winner troy smith.

Who played for the Toronto Blue Jays in 2006?

Click on the 'Blue Jays 2006 Roster' link on this page to see who was on Toronto's roster in 2006.

What was the 2006 ncaa football national championship game score?

The University of Florida 41 Ohio State University 14

What was the university of Florida's football won loss record in 2006?

13 wins and 1 loss coming at the hands of Auburn University

How many national state championships has the University of Florida football won?

Three. 1996, 2006, 2008.

When did the University of Michigan become the all time winningest college football program?

2006 when they beat Notre Dame

Has Ohio State University ever played Florida Gators in football?

Yes, Ohio State played the University of Florida in the 2006 National Championship game. Losing 41-14.

How many total NCAA national championships have the University of Florida won?

Three in football. 1996 2006 2008 Two in basketball. 2005 2006

Who has the season touchdown pass record in NCAA football?

Colt Brennan with University of Hawa'ii in 2006 with 58 passing touchdowns

Who was BCS NCAA Football champs for 2005?

The University of Texas Longhorns, who defeated the USC Trojans in the 2006 Rose Bowl.

What was the 2006 Miami Heat roster?

go 2 website

When was the last time the University of Kentucky beat Ole Miss in Football?

September 16, 2006 in Lexington by the score of 31-14.

How many times has Central Michigan University played the University of Michigan?

Through the 2009 season, 3 times in football (1931, 2003, 2006). Michigan has won all 3 games.

What was the longest university of north Texas football game?

It was on October 7, 2006. A 25-22 win over FIU in 7 overtimes.

Who has Devin Hester played for?

Devin Hester has played his entire NFL career for the Chicago Bears (2006-present). He played college football at the University of Miami.

What year did the University of Florida win both the national football and basketball title?

2006. Florida defeated Ohio State in both the BCS National Championship Football game and the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

What was the Boston Celtics 2006-2007 roster?

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Have any schools won multiple NCAA Division 1A national championships in both basketball and football?

Florida in 2006 is it. Michigan State University 1950 and 60's in football. '79 and '00 for basketball.

What school did Devin Hester attend before being drafted by the NFL?

Devin Hester, the American Football player, attended the University of Miami in Florida until 2006 before he was drafted by The National Football League.

Is Tony Scheffler a baseball player?

Tony Scheffler played baseball and football at Western Michigan University. The Denver Broncos selected him in the second round in the 2006 NFL draft and he has played with the Broncos since 2006.

Who was the only rookie on the 2005-2006 Dallas Mavericks basketball roster?

Josh Powell

What year did the University of Florida win National Championships in basketball and football?

2006, in football they beat Ohio State, and basketball they beat UCLA. The basketball team also won it again, the next year beating Ohio State.

How many football championships has Appalachian State University won?

3 NCAA Div I-AA National Championships - Back to Back to Back - 2005-2006-2007