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if they get hurt or in some kind of trouble.. in some occasions they take you whole scholarship away if you get in enough trouble or you get hurt badly enough

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Q: How can an athletic scholarship be reduced?
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Do you lose you athletic scholarship if injured?


How long is an athletic scholarship for?

it is for all the time.

How can i get an athletic scholarship for swimming in the state of Wisconsin?

The best way to get an athletic scholarship while swimming is to be the best. You have to make sure that you set records with each race you are in.

Did Jackie Robinson get a scholarship for college?

Yes, Jackie Robinson received an athletic scholarship to UCLA.

Do you have to pay back an athletic scholarship if you're kicked off the team?

No, you do not have to pay back an athletic scholarship if you're kicked off the team, but your education will no longer be paid for by the institution.

Do you need a athletic scholarship to play sports your freshman year?

It's is very hard to be on a college team without an athletic scholarship your freshman year. You could become a "walk on" but it's very hard.

Is MIT the best technology university for studying software engineering Can you get in through an athletic scholarship?

Yes it is!

For what sport did baseball pitching great Sandy Koufax win a college athletic scholarship?


Are division 1 athletic scholarships four years?

No, the scholarship is given out in one year increments.

Can you get a scholarship for basketball to go to clark atlanta?

Yes, they're d2 so they have athletic scholarships

As a new college student, how do I apply for scholarships?

There are many student loans you can apply for. You can try for an academic scholarship. If you are an exceptional athlete you might try to apply for an athletic scholarship.

Where do I apply for college scholarship?

Athletic scholarships are the best college scholarships because they cover the entire part of a student expenses. Athletic scholarships cover tuition, room, board, and special tutoring if needed.