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An NFL team can clinch a playoff spot by winning enough games so that, after all tiebreakers are accounted for, they will be ahead of anyone who could possibly get at least a wildcard spot.

Examples being:

If New England were to beat Miami this week (Week 13, 2012), New England would clinch the division, and thus a playoff spot. This is because it would give the New England a 9-3 record, and Miami a 5-7. If New England were to lose the rest of their four games after and finish 9-7, and Miami won the rest of their 4 games to finish 9-7, New England would hold a 5-1 record in the division to Miami's 3-3, thus winning the tiebreaker and taking the division. So a New England win would clinch the AFC East Division title and a playoff spot.

Baltimore can clinch a wild card spot this week with a win over Pittsburgh. This is because it would give the Ravens a good enough record and a hold over the tiebreakers so that, even if they were to lose the rest of their games, they would finish with at least the second best record out of all non-division winners, thus clinching at least a wild-card spot in the playoffs.

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Q: How can an NFL playoff spot be clinched?
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What is the earliest an NFL team has clinched a playoff spot?

Winning 8 straight games will do it.

Do the Pittsburgh Steelers still have a chance at making the playoffs for the 2011 season?

Yes, they do. The Steelers clinched a playoff spot on December 18, 2011.

What is a clinched playoff spot?

This simply means that a team has enough points to ensure that it will make the playoffs and no matter what happens in terms of wins/losses by itself or teams behind it, no team with a lesser amount of points not in a playoff position, can catch them.

What is a sentence for berth?

The team clinched a playoff berth.

Are Utah Jazz going to the 2010 playoffs?

Yes, they have clinched a playoff berth.

What does playoff berth mean?

It means a sports team has guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. Once a team can't be mathematically eliminated from the postseason, they are said to have "clinched a playoff berth." The term is valid in most team sports including basketball, baseball, hockey, football, and soccer.

What is the lowest tiebreaker ever used in the NFL to decide a playoff spot?

Net touchdowns scored in all regular season games.

What is the record album recorded by the 1969 amazing New York Mets?

Team had planned to record an album of baseball songs. Recording session had been scheduled and it just happened to be the morning after they had clinched playoff spot, so they were in "high spirits" for the recording session!!!

Will the Pittsburgh Steelers make the playoffs in 2011?

Yes, the Steelers clinched a playoff berth on December 18, 2011.

What Professional sports teams have never make the post season?

The Charlotte Bobcats from the NBA and Houston Texans from the NFL have never made the post season. The Columbus Blue Jackets of the NHL had never made the post season until they clinched a playoff spot yesterday and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays of the MLB had never made the post season until last season. They are now known as the Tampa Bay Rays.

What does clinched playoff berth mean in nba?

It means that they are automatically going in the playoffs because their top of all standings in their conference.

How are wild card teams selected in baseball?

After the divisional champs have clinched their spots in the post season( AL east, central, west and NL east, central, west) the 4th and 5th place teams in AL and NL face off in a one game playoff for the wildcard spot.

Where is it possible to view the NFL playoff schedule?

It is possible to view the NFL playoff schedule on the NFL main website. Besides the schedule, one can see statistics for all the teams, wins, losses, injuries and future playoff schedules.

What is the difference between cliched the division and clinched the playoff?

In the NFL, when a team clinches the division, this means the team will finish with the best record in the division and will make the playoffs as a 1, 2, 3 or 4 seed( depending on the records of the other division winners). Clinching a playoff birth means that a team will make the playoffs but have not won the division yet (pending on their chances to win the division). If a team clinches a playoff berth but not division, they will get either the 5 or 6 seed in the playoffs.

What is the 2011 NFL playoff schedule?

For the 2011 NFL Playoff schedule you'll need to refer to the related link below .

According to the NFL playoff chart the wild card round is already decided. And if so why do the seahawks have two more season games with teams in their division They are already division champs. What?

The NFL schedule is set, and each team has to play 16 games. A team can secure a spot in the playoffs before the end of the season based on their record and the records of the other teams in their conference. At the end of the season, after all the games are played, the NFL seeds the playoffs. This means the teams with the best records get the 1 and 2 seed. The way the playoffs are set, the 1 and 2 seeds get a bye in the first round of the playoffs. The Seahawks clinched a playoff berth, but the seeding in the playoffs was not set. Therefore they had to finish out the season schedule despite already qualifying for the playoffs.

What is the quickest that an NFL team has clinched the number 1 conference seed?

houston texans

How can someone find information about the NFL playoff picture?

Someone can find information about the NFL playoff picture by watching the sports channel.

Which five teams are fighting for the last NFL playoff spot?

Steelers Ravens Broncos Texans Jets

How many wins to clinch NFL playoff spot?

4 (theoretically) the top 4 playoff spots belong to the division winners. A team can go 4 and 2 within their divisio, lose the rest and still clinch if every body else exchanges wins

Which NFL teams have not won a playoff game?

As of the 2008 season, the only NFL team that has never won a playoff game is the Houston Texans.

What NFL team beat the Miami Dolphins in the 1999 playoff game?

which NFL team beat the Miami Dolphins in the 1999 playoff game

What NFL playoff won a playoff game with the most turnovers in a win?


Did any NFL expansion team make the playoffs in their first year?

The closest any team has come to achieving this feat was the 1995 Carolina Panthers, who finished two games out of a playoff spot.

Is the broncos vs. steelers playoff game the only overtime playoff game in nfl history?