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Body Drag is when a sailor steps off the Windsurfer and is dragged along the water

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Put your daggerboard down.

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they dont, heheheheh

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Q: How can a wind surfer increase his or her drag?
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What causes skateboard speed to increase or decrease?

Gravity, friction, or wind drag.

How does a windsurfer increase drag?

A windsurfer can increase drag by using a larger sail or reducing the angle of attack to catch more wind, by dragging their feet or body in the water, or by using a larger, less streamlined board that creates more resistance in the water.

Gas is to car and wind is to what?

as wind is to sailboat. You stole my answer! Let's see, what else, oh ya, to a wind surfer.

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How does aircraft drag increase with speed?

Drag increases by the square of velocity increase, for example, tripling speed increases drag by a factor of nine!

Is it possible to attach a wind turbine to an airplane to increase efficiency?

No. The amount of energy gained will be less than spent by the aircraft to overcome the drag created by your turbine.

How do you get the kite in poptropica in katie' s kite place?

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Why doesn't the wind surfer just fall to the ground?

It is all a question of practice and balance.

Will speeding up decrease the drag force on an airplane?

In general (special exceptions may apply) increase speed = increase drag.

In space how can our satellites travel so fast and look so fragile but not be damaged by drag or wind?

Satellites orbit in the thermosphere or exosphere where there is no wind and drag is negligible.

Does wind affect velocity?

Yes, wind can affect an object's velocity depending on its direction and strength. Tailwinds can increase velocity, while headwinds can decrease it. Crosswinds can also impact velocity by pushing the object off course.

What solar feature can increase the solar wind?

Solar flares can increase solar wind.