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If he throws it on the 2nd day of the season, after the same team had a perfect game thrown against them on opening day.

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Q: How can a pitcher throw a perfect game and it not affect the other teams batting average?
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Do walks count towards your on base percentage?

Yes, but they don't affect your batting average.

What are some variables that effect batting averages of baseball players?

Only two variables affect batting average - hits and at-bats.

Do walks affect batting average?

Walks count as an official plate appearance and are used in determining whether a player has met the minimum number of plate appearances needed to be eligible to win the batting title but are not used in calculating a player's batting average.

When a catcher interferes with the batter's swing is it considered a hit and how does it affect the batter's batting average?

It is considered to be just like a walk, and does not count as a hit or an at bat, so it doesn't effect the average at all. It does; however, affect the on base percentage.

How does reach on error affect batting avg?

When a batter reaches on an error, an at bat is charged (since there would have been a put out had the error not occurred), so it will cause a decrease in batting average

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How does a fielders choice when no one is forced out affect the batting average?

A fielder's choice when no one is forced out counts as an at-bat without a hit just like it would if an out were recorded. If a player grounds into a fielder's choice in his first at-bat of the season, he would be 0-1 and have a batting average of .000.

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