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Closest you could come to an F1 car is a simulator.

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Q: How can a non racer do a test drive in a Formula One car?
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He is a former formula one racer and seven time world champion?

Michael Schumacher is a former formula one racer and seven time world champion.

Can you have Formula 1 racer as a job?

Yes, it is a job, so a formula one driver could have that as their job.

How drive works and Calculate time in one pulse?

A worried racer

Did Britain invent Formula One?

No. France were the inventors of Formula one. This was all created by a race which a racer started in France, then went to Madrid. Unfortunately, the racer died after the race was finished. Formula one was created after, then first started in 1950, when Giuseppe Farina won the championship.

What qualification is required to become a formula 1 racer?

Be one of the worlds best race drivers

Who is the current formula no1car racer?

As of 2014, the Formula One World Champion is a German driver named Sebastian Vettel. He has been the champion for 5 seasons straight.

What cars do they drive in Formula One?

Formula One cars - they're very unique!

Where can one take a test drive for a Ferrari?

One can take a test drive for a Ferrari at a local Ferrari dealership. If one is interested in buying a Ferrari, the dealers will be welcome to give one a test drive to see if they want to buy it or not.

What is raikkonen?

Kimi Raikkonen is a Finnish formula one racer. He has been an active racer since 2001. He is a one time world champion in the year 2007 when he won the title while driving for Ferrari. He is currently a driver with Ferrari and is one of the top drivers in the grid.

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I recommend the test drive unlimited 2...

Where can one test drive Ford XR6?

One can test drive a Ford XR6 at a used car dealer or any other local car dealer. One should schedule an appointment and ask whether or not this car is available for test drive.

Do you need a motorcycle licsense to test drive a motorcycle in Georgia?

if you need a license to ride a motorcycle in Georgia then you will need one to test drive one.