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A local public swimming pool can be found by dialing 411 on a phone and asking the operator for a public swimming pool. Additionally, many public swimmings pools are listed in phonebooks and online.

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Q: How can a local public swimming pool be found?
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Can germs live in a public swimming pool?

yes, germs can live on a public swimming pool. why? because a public swimming pool is used by the public and people have germs on their body and when they get in the swimming pool, the germs on their body will be transfered to the water on the pool, and germs will spread in the water and people will also get germs. after having a swimming on a public swimming pool, you need to take an immediate bath so that germs will be killed.

Can you get chlamydia from a public toilet or swimming pool?

You will not get chlamydia from a public toilet or swimming pool.

Where can I find inexpensive swimming pool pumps in Southern California?

In Southern California, the best options for inexpensive swimming pool pumps can be found at a local chain. The name of this chain is Dave's Pool Supplies, and it can be found throughout the West.

What are some public swimming pools that are located in Toronto?

A few public swimming pool that are located in Toronto include Ponds in the City, Thornhill outdoor swimming pool, Thornlea Pool and the Toronto Hilton pool.

Where can one find swimming pool sales?

Swimming pool sales can be found at many retailers, including Target, Walmart, and other local general stores. Larger pools can be found on sale at specialty shops that focus just on pool construction and maintenance.

What is a public swimming pool?

A place in public where there is a pool. lots of crowds. and bikinis. :)

How public swimming pools rare important to community?

Public Swimming Pool is important to a community because not all houses in a certain community have a swimming pool. Building own swimming pool is too costly and it needs maintenance. Public swimming pools give opportunities to those who want to practice their swimming skills and ability.

Swimming poolwhere is the swimming pool in steenwijk?

All swim clubs are different. Please check with your local pool.

What are the swimming times for yarbrough swimming pool?

All swim clubs are different. Please check with your local pool.

Can we custom deign our pool and if so, who can help us with the process?

Yes you can custom design your swimming pool. There are many local custom design swimming pool companies as well as swimming pool design software you can utilize.

Where do you go for swimming lessons?

You should check your local swimming pool. Or you can see a YMCA.

Are there public swimming pool laws in California?


How many swimming pool are there in US?

According to USA Swimming and the National Swimming Pool Foundation there are 10 million Swimming Pools in the United States, with 360,000 Public Pools that stay open all year.

If you have cellulitis can you go swimming in a public pool?

Yes, you can go swimming in a public pool or lake if you have cellulitis. But it is even better for your cellulitis if you go swimming in the ocean, because the salt helps to disinfect the cellulitis which is caused by a skin infection.

How much water do you need to fill a public swimming pool?

It depends on the size of the pool.

Capacity of swimming pool?

All pools are different. Please check with your local pool.

What are the measurements for a public swimming pool?

The size of a public swimming pool can vary. It usually tends to be about 25 metres long but some times they can be 50 metres long and on rare occasions they can be longer or smaller.

Is Roseland swimming pool open in public holiday?


Which president desegregated a public swimming pool in Arkansas?


Where can one see men in speedos?

One can see men in Speedos at the beach, or at the local swimming pool. If this is not enough, specialist magazines can be found usually on the top shelf at your local newsagent.

What is the width of a high school swimming pool?

The width of a high school swimming pool is 25 meters. Short course pools are more common at highs schools and public swimming locations.

how to install a timer system in a inground swimming pool/spa?

You can install a inground swimming pool by getting a timer kit at your local home improvement store.

How do you test the total dissolved solids in a swimming pool?

With a TDS meter...your local pool supply store can do this for you.

How much to refinish swimming pool?

There is no way to answer that question here. Check with several of your local pool companies.

Which valve lowers swimming pool pressure?

You can not measure the pressure in a swimming pool. If you mean the pressure on the filter tank gage then you may have to backwash the filter. Talk to your local pool store for instructions as how to maintain a swimming pool and the equipment. Get some education on swimming pool maint. before you get into some real trouble. A pool is not too forgiving for someone without a basic knowledge of pools.