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well suddenly you make a wrong movement and that's how it can happen

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Dislocation, broken bones or shattered knee

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Q: How can a knee joint injury occur in volleyball?
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What is an injury to a joint such as the ankle knee or wrist?

Injury to a joint

The knee joint is most susceptible to injury whenknee.?


Is a knee ligament tear a internal or external injury?

Internal or external to what? The knee joint? There are a number of knee ligaments e.g. anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments are internal to the knee joint but the medial and lateral collateral ligaments are external to the knee joint

Why is the knee the most susceptible joint to injury?

The knee is most susceptible joint for injury for an umber of reasons. The biggest reason is that the knee has limited motion and only moves in a door hinge fashion. It connects the two largest bones in the body.

Can an injury to an osgood schlatters knee develop into osteoarthritis later in life?

Any injury to a joint can lead to to osteoarthritis

Are ellipticals better for someone with a knee injury?

Yes, for someone with a knee injury, ellipticals are better than traditional treadmills or exercising by running or walking. This is because they are very low impact and will not be as harmful to the knee joint.

When would a ACL knee injury occur?

The ACL is one of the four knee ligaments that are crucial to the stability of the knee joint. The ACL is made of tough, fibrous material and the ligament works with the Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) functions to control excessive knee motion by limiting joint mobility. ACL tear takes place mostly during sports activities and more than 80% of the tears are non-contact injuries. Most ACL tears occur during pivoting suddenly on oneโ€™s knee, landing with a jerk, or while twisting oneโ€™s knee. Experts feel that women and young girls are more prone to have an ACL tear due to the structure of their knee joints. The knee joint in women has less muscle mass and also tends to be looser, both of which contribute to instability among women. Women also have wider hips, which affects the alignment of the knee joint, leaving them vulnerable to ACL tears when landing from a jump or turning in motion. While further studies have to be conducted on this, scientists also suspect a link with womenโ€™s hormones, making them more susceptible to tears. Ranka Hospital, Pune provides the best treatment and facilities for ACL injuries.

What causes Edema of knee elbow?

Edema means swelling. Edema of the knee or elbow means there is water on the joint. This is often caused by injury.

What test do they do for a knee injury?

A number of tests may be used to evaluate a knee injury. The choice of tests is based on the mechanism of injury and the current complaints. After that, the examiner will observe the joint, move the joint through range of motion, and may do some special examinations to evaluate the stability of the joint and any signs of "catching" in the knee. X-rays are not normally used unless there was trauma such as a motor vehicle accident. MRI may be used in selected cases to evaluate the soft tissue of the knee.

What is synovial hypertrophy?

Synovial hypertrophy is a disease of the knee that happens when the membrane lining the knee joint thickens. The conditions is usually a result of injury and inflammation.

What covers the knee?

In soccer, shin guards protect your knee. In volleyball, knee pads protect your knee. In basketball, your kind of on your own for protecting the knee. In softball, long socks might help you out, but not entirely.

What kind of joint is in the knee?

The knee is a hinge joint.