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as a kid you can not

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Q: How can a kid earn money by doing something sports related?
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Related questions

What are the pros of having sports as a career?

The benefits can be money, fame, doing something you love to do.

How is sports related to money?

Sports is related by money because you have to buy uniforms. You have to buy equipment an stuff like that. I hope this helped.

Why they are doing corruption in sports?

For money !

How can a kid make money by doing sports related things?

A kid could: ref a soccer game for younger kids, host a fund-raiser game( anything swimming, football, basketball...)

What should i buy with 1000 dollars?

Things you need. But if it's fun money spend it on things you enjoy doing like maybe biking, video games, technogolgy related, or other sports and hobbies

What makes more money pro sports or music artists?

Music artists and pro sports make the equal amount of money as long as they give something to it, and they do something to earn the money. Is this a good answer? From, Kidskids

How much money do you make doing gymnastics?

Not even close as the major sports like basketball, football,soccer... Most of gymnasts work/train something else along with gymnastics

What is a sports manager and what careers come out of majoring in sports management?

well of course their is lots of money envolved their is the joy of running a team or something to do with sports team

Do sports incentives improves performance?

Would you work harder if you were going to get more money for doing so.

What do you get a boy for his 12th birthday?

Money, video games, or something that he really into like sports.

What is working?

Working is a situation where you are doing an action for money or to get something done.

What is time to money?

It is a common expression that 'time is money'. It means that the way you spend your time is directly related to how much money you make. Wasting time is just like throwing money away. Think of a person who is self-employed (say he writes books and gets them published) and is asked to do something for free. His time is valuable to him and doing something for free takes up time that he could be spending writing more books.

Why Sports related with money?

Well, nowadays athletes play for the seek of prize money. If you want to see quality games in most of sports, you better watch pro since it involves money and players do their best. As I see it since most of sports involve two opposing teams, people watching it tend to bet between the two.

Can you explain the purpose of money fame and drugs in sports?

Where there is a lot of money there will be drug use. It is something about when you make a lot of money you think that you can do anything and just because you play sports doesn't mean that you can do it. Besides why would you want to mess up your body like that if your body is the one that is making the money?

What is a pecuniary interest?

Pecuniary refers to something related to money, or financial assets.

Why do you have sports relief?

to make sport people aware about poor people around the world and to raise money for them by doing stupid things

Can Olympians earn money and still compete in the Olympics?

An Olympian can earn money while working at a non-sports related position. The athlete may NOT earn income from any sport-related activity. There are some exceptions for certain team sports such as Soccer, Ice Hokey and Basketball. See: Jim Thorpe's revocation of gold medals.

What professional sport makes the least amount of money?

the most unknown sports like water polo or something...

What are examples of practical skills?

practical skills can be defined as 'doing skills', eg. the ability to perform tasks. a few examples are computer skills managing money first aid solving problems playing sports repairing things basically things that we are good at doing.

Why would corporations use their money and resources to sponsor sports and to brand sports with their names and logos?

Consumers believe that if the company is willing to put their money into something, they must be a fan of that particular team. Some people wouldn't want to give their money to a business that wasn't a fan of their favorite team.

What is the meaning I am busted?

"Busted" can have a couple of meanings. Either you have been caught by the authorities doing something you shouldn't have been doing, or you have no money and are "flat broke."

Betting on sports against other people is considered as gambling?

Yes, making a friendly wager with a friend over the outcome of a sports game is considered gambling, if there is something placed at risk, such as money.

What present should you give to a boy?

It really depends on what that boy likes. If the boy likes sports, find out what he likes. for example, if he like soccer get him something that is related to soccer. If everything fails, give him a EB Games card for 20-30 dollars. Or money and a simple card.

how can I get grant money for school?

By doing sports and achieving some outstanding results. Also, by participating in different competitions during the school year which are available for you.

How should kids make Money?

Kid's can make money by having the old fashion lemon Ade sale, or doing chores around the house and sucking up or if your parents don't have money at the moment you can ask a friend and tell them you will pay them back when you do get money and when you tell your parents you need money for a fundraiser at school or something related to school they'll fall for it and if they don't then apparently you can't get money sorry