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how to increase breast size without doing surgery?

uh that's what the question was wasnt it - do push ups or weight lifting it works!

Exercise will lift your breasts and enlarge your pectoral muscles a bit , but there are creams and herbal supplements that will work . Google "natural breast enhancement " and you will see a variety of products . Most are meant for women over 18 , If you are younger , please wait and give nature a chance . Pleasee do not use any estrogen -containing products without a doctors advice . They could upset hormonal balance in a young woman.

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Q: How can a girl increase her breast size without any surgery?
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How can girl increase breast?

Breast size is determined by body fat, hormones, and DNA. To increase the size of the breast you can gain weight or have surgery. Otherwise, no cream, drink, food, pill, or exercise will increase the size of a breast. A good bra can help shape and firm it, though.

How can a sixteen year old girl in grade eleven increase her breast size from a 34AA to at least a b cup without surgery?

She can't. Breast size will increase if and when it's supposed to, there's nothing that a girl can do to increase her breast size more than it would increase naturally itself. There's no reason to go from an AA cup to a B cup or more, there's nothing wrong with AA cup size breasts.

Can a girl increase her height after 20?

Short of surgery or disease - no

Can a boy become a girl without surgery?


DOES Rubbing a girl breast increases size of breast?

Sure, in your dreams. Nothing will increase the size of your breasts. Except breast implants.

Does 38DD mean the girl is fat?

Not necessarily. One's breast size isn't directly in relation with one's weight. It can also be the result of a plastic surgery. If your breasts are naturally size 38DD, it is very rare to have that breast size without being overweight.

DOES Rubbing a girl's breast increases the size of her breast?

No. Her breasts size is already predisposed in her genes and only surgery or pregnancy can change the size.

Can a boy turn into a girl without surgery?

i think yes

How can you touch a girl's breast without her noticing?

You won't- so don't.

Can a 13 year old girl have breast milk?

If the hormones that cause lactation are present then yes.

How a boy can increase his breast size like a girl?

You can get implants or just gain a whole lot if weight

why isn't good to touch a girl's breast without her permission?

because if you do that you are not respecting her bounderys

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