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Fans can contact NASCAR drivers through their respective fan clubs.

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Q: How can a fan contact their favorite NASCAR driver?
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Who was NASCAR's favorite driver in 2008?

The fan favorite in 2008 was Dale Earnhardt Jr.

How do you contact NASCAR officials?

You can't, unless your on a NASCAR race team, or your a driver. - a young nascar fan (13 years old)

Can a fan date a NASCAR Driver?

Why not. If the Driver is interested, he can date who he wants.

Who is the worst NASCAR driver?

That would depend on what fan you asked, I sure you would get a lot of different opinions on who the worse driver is. I even have one myself.

Is it uncommon to cheer on a Nascar driver which isn't your favorite. For example cheering for Jeff Gordon when Kasey Kahne is far behind?

Heck no ... as a fan of one particular driver, it is your given right to cheer for whomever you choose. Answer: I root for my number one driver, BUT if they wreck out, or just suck that day, I will root for others. :D

How do you join Dale Earnhardt Jr's Fan Club?

NASCAR driver for the 88 car, Dale Earnhardt Jr. does not currently have an official fan club. You can find unofficial fan clubs on social networking sites.

Number one fan sport?

The #1 Fan followed sport in the U.S is Nascar

What are some threats to NASCAR?

There are not to many threats to Nascar, unless Jeff Gordon wins at Talladega. And if you are a Nascar fan, you know what I mean.. But one threat is the economy.

How do Kyle Busch's fans feel about him?

Well in my opinion am a huge fan and he's a really good driver but if u have ever gone to see NASCAR they boo him alot but I think that there jealous but that's what I think

Why do people like NASCAR?

Nascar fans like Nascar for the same reason Football fans like Football. But I would say Nascar is more exciting than football only because its a 4 hour 200 mph thrill ride with no time outs, no room for mistakes, 3 wide racing inches away form the wall, never knowing what might happen next. So if you dont agree with this than you should be sticking to your stick and ball sports, Nascar is a real mans sport. Who else would show up 2 days before a race to have a tailgating party and sit in the sun to watch there favorite driver blow by the grandstands at blazing speeds other than a true fan of Nascar.

Is kagome a fan favorite?

Yes Kagome is the audience fan favorite! Everyone loves kagome!

How do you contact the cast of iCarly?

You contact them by their fan sight.

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