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five steps:

1. Become a fan
2. Identify a rival
3. Attend a game between ND and your selected rival in South Bend, IN
4. Cheer like crazy.
5. Repeat each week during the season

TV attendance can be a marginally acceptable step to point 3.

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Q: How can I enjoy a Notre Dame football game?
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Where was the army vs notre dame football game played in 1940?

Yankee Stadium ... Notre Dame won 7-0.

When was Notre Dame last game vs Illinois?

In football, October 19, 1968 in South Bend ... Notre Dame won 58-8.

Who played in the first telivised college football game?

Notre Dame and USC

What is the record between Notre Dame and Oklahoma in football?

Notre Dame leads the all time series 8-1 with the last game played in 1999.

What is the Average price of a football ticket to a notre dame football game?

Around 100-250 dollars.

Where is Rudy from Notre Dame?

Rudy was accepted to Notre Dame in 1974 and his famous football game took place on November 8, 1975. He also graduated in 1975.

When was the last time Notre dame football team won a game with the green jersey on?

Notre Dame won in 2008 Hawaii bowl against Hawaii wearing the green jerseys

What year was Notre Dame football established?

Notre Dame's interscholastic program began in 1887. They played their first game on November 23, 1887 against Michigan, losing 8-0.

What were the years that notre dame football won national championships?

Notre Dame played for the National Championship vs Boston College in Denver Colorado. Notre Dame beat Michigan to make it to the Final Game on the Frozen Four only to lose to BC.

What is the first year the University of Michigan and Notre Dame football teams played each other?

1887. Michigan won, 8 - 0. Michigan had been playing since 1879. It was Notre Dame's first game.

Washington state university lost its football game against Notre Dame in overtime, when the kicker missed?

Scapegoat theory

What was the ending score of the 1928 Notre Dame vs army game?

Notre Dame 12, Army 6.