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The basic is progressive overload and eating in a caloric surplus.

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Q: How can 23-year-old build muscle fast?
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How do you build muscle with a fast metabolism?


How can one build muscle fast?

One can build a muscle fast by doing the following steps; weight lifting, forcing the body to adapt or progressive overload, hypertrophy training or muscle growth training and by compound and isolation exercises.

Can you tell me how to build muscle fast?

You need to lift heavy weight to build muscle fast. This means you should be doing weight lifting sets in which you can only do around 6 reps per set.

Why do bodybuilders take steroids?

It helps them build muscle extremely fast.

What is the best way to build muscle and burn fat fast?

The only way to build muscle is with exercise. That being the case, since exercise requires calories, building muscle will also burn off fat.

Where can I find testosterone supplements to help build muscle quickly?

You will not get muscle without a proper diet, and exercise program. You will need to eat more proteins to build muscle fast. You can buy a testosterone boosting steroid from body

How can I build up my muscles as fast as possible?

To build up muscle as fast as possible, you need to work out at least 6 days a week and do weight lifting. Also, there are things you can take to help you bulk up faster like whey protein. The protein will help you build muscle faster and make your muscles larger.

Does vitamins supplements build muscle?

Certain vitamins can definitely help build muscle. I would consult with your doctor and work out a regimen because losing weight too fast and building muscle too quickly can result in many health problems.

Are there any good websites that will give me detailed information on how to build muscle the natural way?

There are lots and lots of websites and books that will help give you information on exercises and healthy diets that can help you build muscle without the use of drugs. I have included a couple of websites that I think will be of some help to you: and

How can you gain mussle quick?

With a little intelligent bodybuilding training, you can build muscle mass and gain weight fast.

What does it mean when an exercise is considered low impact?

It isn't effective, like it doesn't burn many calories or build muscle fast.

Is there anyway to build muscle on your face to make it wider?

It will come slowly as you build muscle on the rest of your body. It will come slowly as you build muscle on the rest of your body.