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it will be the size of Los Angeles,CA or bigger because Los Angeles includes there suburbs to make it look big I Lived there once and im living in Minneaota now! that's why its so big!! this place could be just as big or bigger!

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Q: How big will minneapolis and St. Paul be if they were one city?
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Is Minneapolis or St. Paul the capital of Minnesota and why might people be confused about this?

Saint Paul, city, capital of Minnesota, U.S., and seat of Ramsey county. Situated in the southeastern part of the state, St. Paul is at the head of navigation on the Mississippi River near its confluence with the Minnesota River. hopes this helps

Determine whether Minneapolis is within one county?

Minneapolis is part of the Twin Cities metropolitan area, with St Paul being the second city. Minneapolis is located in Hennepin County.

What is St Paul' s twin city?

The twin city to St. Paul is Minneapolis - often these two are looped together as one city, although economically and legally they are two separate muncipalities.

Is Minneapolis a state?

Minnesota. Minneapolis along with St. Paul make up Minnesota's twin cities.

Why might people be confused about the capital of Minnesota?

The capital of Minnesota is St Paul, which is next to the largest city in Minnesota, Minneapolis. Together, the cities are called the Twin Cities.It may be because the city named after the state (Minneapolis) is not the capital, but it is immediately adjacent to the capital, which is St. Paul, so that they are called the Twin Cities.

Is Bloomington one of the biggest city in Minnesota?

According to the 2010 Census, Bloomington is the fifth largest Minnesota city. If comes in behind Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Rochester, and Duluth.

What city is called twin cities?

The twin cites are not one, but two cites: St. Paul and Minneapolis Minnesota. Thus the cities being plural.

What city is nicknamed the twin city?

It isn't one city, but two. The Twin Cities are made up of Minnesota's capital city, St. Paul and it's cozy neighbor, Minneapolis. They are two of Minnesota's major cities.

What is the address of Hyatt Regency Minneapolis?

One can find the address of the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Hotel in the city of Minneapolis. The hotel can be found in the downtown vicinity of Minneapolis at the Nicollet Mall.

Where can one find professional glass blowers in the city of Minneapolis?

It is possible for you to be able to find professional glass blowers in the city of Minneapolis by travelling abroad to that place, and going to places like Target.

Why are St. Paul and Minneapolis in Minnesota call the twin cities?

Minneapolis and St. Paul are commonly referred to as Minnesota'a twin cities. They are two larger cities that host a variety of night life, buisness, resturants, shopping, etc. that are close to one another.

I'm searching for the best CD rates available in Minneapolis or St. Paul, MN?

According to, InterBank in Minneapolis offers a one-year CD at 1.49% on a minimum $5000 deposit.