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Same as the first one, but metal.

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Q: How big is the metal in the ripstik g?
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Where do you get metal Ripstik G torsion bars?

off the internet

Is ripstik air better or ripstik g?

da ripstik air is stupid it cant go 360 only the g can. buy the g.

Do ripstik dlx faceplates fit on a normal ripstik?

The RipStik DLX deck plates are the exact same size as any other RipStik deck plate. They can be used on the original RipStik and the RipStik G models. For more information and other replacement parts go to

Is the Ripstick air better than the Ripstick G?

No, with the ripstik Air, you cant move the back of the board like the Ripstik G, and the Ripstik G has faster bearings and easier to do tricks and grind. If you buying a Ripstik, Get the G.source? - Waveboarder/Ripstiker for 1 1/2 years. and get some abec 9 bearings to go faster.The ripstik Air, however, is much lighter and easier for doing ollies and kickflips. I have seen some videos with people doing grinds on the ripstik Air, but it depends what you are using if for.

Is there a Ripstik G?

You can change its color. You do this by unscrewing the 4 screws on the nose platform on the back and the 3 screws on the tail platform on the back. Then you can pry off the colored part and lay them on some newspapers and spray paint them. You can also make a Ripstik a Ripstik G by unscrewing one of the screws that rise above the rest, then take off that whole platform. Then you can slide off the rubber cover!

Is it safe to paint the middle piece of a ripstik g?

yes it is safe

What is the difference between Ripstik air and ripstik deluxe?

The Ripstik air is better for tricks and has spring loaded wheels, and is more lightweight. The Ripstik deluxe is less likely to break, has better grips, has a better spring in the middle, and is made of metal therefore making it a little heavier.

If you ever riden a ripstik befoe how exsiting was it?

its great!!!but if i were u i would start with the ripstik G its easier to ride and it might take you a couple of days to get it right

How do you know when to replace the wheels of a ripstik?

when it is worn down to the point where the metal grinds the road

Is the Ripstik better than a skateboard?

To me, yes the ripstik is soooo much more fun. I love how it rides. It is so much more smooth than a skateboard. I've done both to be honest. i used to skateboard a lot and thought it wuz great until i learned how to ripstik. Then i knew i had to get one. so i got my my first ripstik and i got it in the sweet color blue. i ride it like everyday now and all of my friends have a ripstik too. Me and my friend have made up soo many beast tricks on our ripstiks. not to make fun of the skateboard or anything, its just my opinion.

I want a ripstik that is smooth fast and has good turning Should I get a ripstik air or a ripstik ripster?


Is the hi tide like a ripstik?

No. Ripstik is better.