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It relates to the size of a Golf ball. The average golf ball has a circumference of 4"

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Q: How big is a tumor size of bowling ball?
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How big is the biggest ball?

The heaviest legal bowling ball weighs 16 pounds.

How big are 10 pounds?

160 oz. About the weight of an average bowling ball.

How big is the biggest bowling ball?

500 lbs., and 6 ft. 5in.

How big is a tumor that is 25 centimeter?

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How big is a bowling ball?

In tenpin bowling, the circumference may not exceed 2 foot, 3 inches. The weight is dependant on the bowler. It ranges from 6 to 16 pounds. I imagine factoring in youth bowlers and male/female adult bowlers, the average weight is between 12-14 pounds. Most adult male bowlers bowl with a 16 pound bowling ball.

What kind of ball did the dude use in the big lebowski?

The dude is an avid bowler. The kind and weight of his bowling ball is never made clear.

Can you help with a bowling poem?

I pick up the ball, Its sleek and smooth,I drop the ball in the lane,It bounces from bumper to bumper andYes, Strike

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If this expressed in cm, it is about the size of the first joint of your last finger.

What is a turky in bowling?

A turky in bowling is the classic error made when bowling with a to heavy and to big fingerholes ball. When loading the throw, the bowler looses the ball backwards and it flyes backwards towards the other bowlers. Happens frequently, and was last observed in Atyrau KZ. Bowler: Gro Ostrem

How big can a baseball?

the same size as a lacrosse ball

How big is an adult bee?

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How big are Argentinosaurus eggs?

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