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If you are asking about the game which is a combination of American Football, soccer, Basketball and Rugby, then the size of the field depends--as it can be played indoors or outdoors.

If played outdoors, Speedball is generally played on a soccer or football field. If played indoors, it is played on a basketball court.

I found another definition for speedball--and that is a variation of Paintball play. With this game, the field size isn't standardized, so it would depend on where you are playing.

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Q: How big is a speed ball field?
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Speed of a field hockey ball?

In field hockey, if you hit correctly, the ball can reach speeds of up to 100 MPH!

What is the speed of field hockey ball?

100 miles/hr

How big is a base ball field?

4 acres

How big is base ball field?

4 acres

How big is an average paintball field?

150' X 75' feet for a 5 man speed ball course usually. Woodsball course can be just a few hundred feet to acres and acres.

What part of your foot do you kick a field goal with?

With the side of your foot near the ball of your big toe

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Is The ball rolled in the field or The ball rolled on the field correct?

If the field is a playing field, use on. If it is a field of corn, use in.

How many feet in the length and width of a speed ball field?

Correct me if i am wrong but i am sure its the size of a soccer feild

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Does magnitude of force gravity depends on the speed of falling ball?

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Does size effect the speed of a ball?

yes size effect the speed of a ball.

How do forces help a ball speed up?

If a ball is thrown, the force pushing the ball will convert to energy to speed up the ball.

How fast is hurling?

Hurling is the fastest field game in the world. A good player can hit a ball to a speed of about 100 miles per hour sending the ball about 300 feet.

What is a field hocky ball made of?

The ball is spherical, hard and made of plastic (sometimes over a cork core) and is often covered with indentations to reduce hydroplaning that can cause an inconsistent ball speed on wet surfaces.

What is an 8 ball of speed?

an 8 ball is an eighth of an ounce. so an 8 ball of speed is 3.5 grams

When a golf ball and bowling bal collide how does the golf ball speed compare with the bowling ball speed?


How is speed used in basketball?

Speed in basketball is used for the throwing of the ball and the speed of the player running or dribbling with the ball. :)

Momentum in soccer?

•Momentum applies to soccer when you kick the soccer ball down the field •It is what allows the soccer players to get speed as they accelerate •

When ball is thrown upward then applied force is constant why not speed of ball is constant?

because there if speed is constant than ball never come back to earth hence speed of ball is not constant

Does field hocky use a puck or a ball?


How many laps equal a mile on a baseball field?

Welll it all depends on how big the base ball feild acually is

What are three components of fitness for field hockey?

power - to hit the ball away speed- running up and down the court cardiovascular endurance - constant running up and down the field

Where do they measure the football field?

on the foot ball field

As the speed of a rolling ball is increasing,the increasing speed is accompanied by?

momentum As the speed of a rolling ball is increasing, the increasing speed is accompanied by: a. increasing momentum.