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One inch by three inces in diameter.

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Q: How big is a regulation size ice hockey puck?
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How big is a regulation size ice hockey goal in inches?

A regulation size ice hockey net in 72" by 48".

How big is a regulation size ice hockey goal?

Six (6 ft.) feet wide by four (4 ft.) feet high.

How big is a regulation size basketball?

A regulation size basketball is between 29.5 and 28.975 inches in circumference. This is the standard used by the NBA

Where is out of bounds in hockey?

A puck (or ball in soccer) is considered out of bounds when it touches the netting (big net to protect spectators) or goes over the glass.

How big is a regulation size womans basketball?

Their regulation size ball is 28.5 inches. Their ball is one inch smaller than the mens' ball. The size decreases as age goes down.

How big is a lacrosse ball?

Not very big. About the size of a mens pro regulation sized baseballs, but made out of rubber.

What size are frogs in Canada?

Some are big enough to play professional hockey!

What do you do in modern hockey?

Modern hockey is a real good game however you will need loads of stuff such as shim pads helmets costumes and all sorts. What you need to do is get a big stick and hit the puck in the net <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

How do you make hockey stick wax?

The same way people make candle wax. Hockey wax and candle wax are the same thing. And if you are thinking about using stick wax do it. You will see a big different in your puck control

How do you assemble a hockey puck truck lift on a s10?

first you need to find all the bolts that hold the body to thechassis. measure how big the bolts are and go out and buy hockey pucks. the # of hockey pucks you buy will depend on how much you want to lift the truck (about one hockey puck per inch lifted) lets say you have 12 bolts... you will then have to buy 12 hockey pucks for every inch you want to lift the truck. i would suggest you don't lift it any more than 2-3 inches. if you go any higher you will have to extend all the electrical wires and shocks and that ruins the point in a cheap lift. drill a hole in the hockey puck the size of the bolt and put the bolt through it and put it back on the truck just like it was but now it is spaced out by the hockey pucks. you now have a good lift. good luck and be safe man.

How big is West Texas A and M university football field?

The size of the regulation college football field.

How big is a minor hockey ice rink?

All ice hockey rink dimensions are the same incept for NHL size and Olympic size. NHL- 85 by 200 feet. Olympic- 100 by 200 feet.

How big is a regulation basketball?


How big is a regulation pool?


What is the original song that Puck did on glee?

It was called "Big A**.. Heart"

Why is ice hockey such a big part in Canada's culture?

why is ice hockey such a big part of Canada's culture

How big is a half court?

A regulation size NBA court is 94' by 50' so that would make half the court 47' by 50'

How big is a senior hockey helmet?

a senior is the same thing as a large. i wear a large and my hat size is 7 1/2.

Do you have to be big to play hockey?

no asshold

Is hockey big in Brazil?

no it's not

Hockey pitch diagram?

This is a big pitch, u can have ice hockey, or Field hockey, also street, floor, inline hockey. =]

How do you get big bucks in big win hockey?

Playing it daily.

How big is a regulation volleyball court?

A regulation volleyball court's size is 59 feet by 29 feet 6 inches or 18 by 9 meters. There is a 3-foot attack line on each side in accordance to the new rules.

Did Big Time Rush really play hockey?

There have been no reports of any of the " Big Time Rush" members playing hockey! But when they were younger they probably did play some hockey;)!

What is the hockey sample from the song Too Fake by Big Sean from?

Hockey- Too Fake