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According to Law 1, the field must be between 100 and 130 yards long and between 50 and 100 yards wide, and the touch line (length) must be longer than the goal line (width).

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Q: How big is a pro soccer field?
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How big is a soccer field in acres?

A soccer field is around 1.98 acres

How long is a pro soccer field?

about 100 meters or less

How big is a soccer field?

A soccer field is 100 yards long and 60 yards wide.

How long was a soccer field when soccer started?

not as big as it is now

How big is a socer field?

The standard measurements of a regulation soccer field are around 120 yards by 80 yards. A soccer field is wider than a football field.

How old do you have to be to be in pro soccer?

i would say that the youngest a professional soccer team would accept would be 15 or 16 depending on how big you are. If you're a smaller person they will hesitate on you cause of you being able to hold your own on the field.

How big were the soccer goals in ancient times?

they were as big as a football field

How big is the Fifa 2010 soccer world cup soccer field?

a soccer feild is 100 to 110 meters

Things that come in groups of eleven?

soccer players pro soccer players on the field and 11 ladies dancing

How big is the circle of the soccer field?

8x10 yds

How big ia a U12 soccer field?

There is no unified standard for youth field sizes.

How many players on a pro soccer field?

When a game of football/soccer starts, there are 11 players on each team.

How big is a soccer field goal?

80-100 yds

How big is a professinal soccer field?

100 Meters long.

Acronym for the US Pro soccer organization?

What is the Acronym for the US Pro soccer organization?

How big is a soccer field for boys age u13?

A standard soccer field can be as small as 90x45m or as large as 120x90m. There is no standardized scale based on age of the players.

How big is a 3 on 3 soccer field?

It's about 25 yards!!

What is the distance across a small soccer field?

Not very big but I am not positive

What major sport is played in soldier field?

The major sport played in soldier field is soccer. Also, pro lacrosse has been played there recently.

How do you play pro soccer?

My guess is that you play pro soccer the same way as you play youth soccer or travel soccer.

What makes up a pro soccer team?

pro soccer players

How many players are on a field in pro soccer?

There are 11 players for each team in a pro soccer game. (including the goalie). Unless someone gets a card and has to come off. Then they play short.

What field is bigger rugby field or a soccer field?

soccer field

How big ia a U11 soccer field?

I think 80 by 50 yards

Which is bigger a soccer field or a football field?

Soccer field