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The size of a Basketball varies slightly by the type of basketball. The average size of a basketball used in the NBA is 29.5 to 29.875 inches in circumference.

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Q: How big is a basketball ball?
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What type of basketball was used when basketball was first invented?

it was a big heavy ball

What is a good basketball name?

Ball skillz, big balls, courtwatchers

How big is a 3 centimeter ball?

Pretty big, like the size of a basketball times two

What is the game which includes a big orange ball a hoop and is played in the summer?


Why do you use a ball on basketball?

In basketball you try to throw the ball into the hoop(basket) so that is why you use a ball in basketball.

How do you bounce ball in basketball?

you bounce a ball in basketball by hitting the ball against the ground.

The first basketball?

When basketball was invented, the ball used was a soccer ball.

What Are The Three Ball Skills In BasketBall?

What Are The Three Ball Skills In BasketBall

How was basketball start?

they had a ball and then shot the ball in the basket and they called it basketball

Which ball is going to bounce the highest tennis ball basketball or soccer ball?

I believe a basketball

Which ball has the greatest kinetic energy a marble basketball beach ball or a table tennis ball?

the basketball will have more potential energy than the rest due to its weight.

What are the Demensions of a basketball?

It depends on the type and size of the ball. For example, you could have a big basketball, but its dimensions would be different than a smaller basketball, so there really isn't a certain answer.

Which ball will bounce higher a wiffle ball or a basketball?

most likely a basketball

When was the soccer ball replaced with the basketball in basketball?

the soccer ball was never used

What are the differences and similarities between tennis and basketball?

In basketball you have a ball and in tennis you have a ball

Why people like basket ball?

People like basketball is a matter of opinion. Some people are big fans of basketball, while others are not fans.

What is a ball carrier in basketball?

A ball carrier in basketball is a metal rack that used for storage of the basketball's. A ball carrier can also be mesh or in a bag form.

Different ways to say basketball?

b-ball beaball basketball basket ball hoop ball hoops

What happens when the ball goes out in basketball?

When the ball goes out-of-bounds in basketball then the possesion of the ball is switched to the opposing team

Whaty is The first ball use in basketball?

the ball that was first used in basketball was a dodgeball

How was basketball named?

There was a basket...and a ball...and they tried getting the ball IN the basket...hence basketball

What are you when your team has the ball in basketball?

pass the ball

Is a basketball or soccer ball heavier?

a basketball is heavier

When one grabs the ball after a missed shot in basketball?

When one grabs the ball after a missed shot in basketball they have rebounded the ball.

Why is a bowling ball heavier than a basketball?

A bowling ball's density is greater than a basketball