How big is a Football team?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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11 players...11 subs (allowed to use 3 subs) Thats the case at Football World Cup anyway

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Q: How big is a Football team?
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When did the Green Bay Packers become a big ten team?

The Green Bay Packers are not a Big Ten team. The Big Ten is a conference in college football. The Packers are a professional football team in the NFC (National Football Conference).

What is the big point about football?

the big point in football is to score a goal and attack the other team

Who is big show favorite football team?


Is Texas Tech an NFL team?

No it's a college. It has a football team. It's in the BIG 12 Conference. its also THE BEST college football team(:

What is the name of Dartmouths football team?

Dartmouth Big Green.

What English football team does big show support?


What football team was added to the Big Ten Conference?


How do beat a football team with big people?

go for the legs

Which division was Indiana's 2005 football team in?

Big Ten

How do you get in a football team?

1. Pick your position then show them what you got. 2. Go to a big Football event then a Scout might pick you and put you in a team.

Where is a french town that has a well known football team?

American football is not much of a big deal in France. Football(soccer) is THE sport in France.

What football team is called the big red?

Nebraska Cornhuskers dumb face!