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Real Madrid has the largest Fan base only Manchester United and Barcelona can challenge this.

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Q: How big is Real Madrid C.F. fan base?
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Which football club has the largest traveling fan base?

1-Real Madrid With 183 millions fan

Which football club has largest fan base?

The English club Manchester united has the largest fan base in the world, Real Madrid comes second.

How many fans do real Madrid have?

Real Madrid have a global fan base of around 450 million people, making them the 2nd most popular sports team in the world. Manchester United are ranked the most popular with a global fan base estimated at approximately 650 million.

How many fans does Real Madrid have?

Real Madrid is the world's best-known football team and has the largest global fan base with more than 450 million fans worldwide. Source: Siemens AG

Which soccer club has the largest international fan base?

The English club Manchester United comes first, followed by Real Madrid.

How did Real Madrid vs Barcelona rivalry start?

It goes back to the Spanish dictator Franco, who was a Real Madrid fan.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo moving to real Madrid?

i love Cristiano so very much and im a huge fan of him, hes my hero!!! and yes he moved to real Madrid, sadly.. but i still love him and im gonna be a real Madrid fan ;D!!!

What football club fan is snoop dogg?

Real Madrid

How many Copa del Rey had real Madrid won?

Real Madrid have 18 Copa del rey Titles!Source: Been a Madrid fan for over 23 years

Real Madrid popularity worldwide?

it is very popular although not as popular as Barcelona and Manchester untd i personally am a Manchester untd and real Madrid fan

How do you say Getafe is better than Real Madrid in spanish?

im a real Madrid fan since i was like 9.... but here you anyways........ getafe es mejor equipo que el real Madrid.....even though its not true

Which 10 football teams have the biggest fan base world wide?

The main ones are Real Madrid , Manchester United,, Barcelona, Both the Milan teams and Bayern Munich.

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