How big is Jacksonville Florida?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Jacksonville has 794,555 people.

Jacksonville is 885 square miles.

Jacksonville has a population density of 1,061.6 people/square mile

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24,382,448,640 ft2

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Q: How big is Jacksonville Florida?
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How big is solar farms in Florida?

Westside, Jacksonville 100 acres

Is Florida consider as a small or big population?

Florida has a big population. Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Pensacola, St. Augustine, Jacksonville are big cities. Florida is one of the most populated states in the USA.

What is the relative location of Jacksonville Florida?

jacksonville florida is directly northeast of orlando florida

Is Ireland in Jacksonville?

No. Jacksonville is in Florida.

How many miles is it from Jacksonville Florida to Clearwater Florida?

By car it is 218 miles from Jacksonville, Florida to Clearwater, Florida.

What is the distance from Naples Florida and Jacksonville Florida?

It is about 360 miles away from Jacksonville.

In twilight Where did Renee move to?

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What city is in norther Florida?

Some of the cities in northern Florida are Jacksonville, Tallahassee and Gainesville.

Where can one find a great bank in Florida?

A great bank in Florida can be found in any big city such as Tallahassee and Jacksonville. The biggest and greatest bank in Florida is the Florida Bank.

Places in Florida that begin with the letter J?

Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Jensen Beach, Jupiter,

When is diggy simmons coming to Jacksonville Florida?

He is coming to Jacksonville,Florida on april 20,2012

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How far is deland Florida to jacksonville Florida