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at a pet store, you can ask for either small, medium, large or extra small crickets. a scorpion can eat any size except extra small, because they are newborns and the scorpion might not see them. large is the best, because they are fat and full grown.

Pin crickets or micro crickets are baby crickets and are recommended for young scorpions. depending on the breed a scorpion will reach adult hood between 6-months and 7 years so you have to judge which cricket is suitable by assessing its size. Brown crickets tend to be silent and are good for adult scorpions. You can gut feed the on fruit and veg, with things like weetabix or digestive biscuits, to provide for your scorpion. Scorpions also can eat meal-worms which can be kept in a fridge place in a tub with dired cereal such as oats for up to 2weeks, place them under a light for a few mins to get them wriggling again. A mixed diet and regular dusting of the crickets with vitamins and calcium will keep your scorpion healthy. Hope that helps. sam x

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Q: How big does a cricket have to be in order for a scorpion to eat the cricket?
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I'm sure that it could be possible, it just depends on how big the scorpion is !

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Scorpions survive on various insects and small animals, such as rodents. At times, they also nourish on lizards and spiders. One of the most common diets of a scorpion is cricket.

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Anecdotally, I threw in a cricket as prey for a scorpion in a glass jar I captured at my apartment, thinking the scorpion would eat it. The scorpion was pretty young, and not much larger than a nickel, but I thought it would be sure to kill the cricket, which seemed like easy prey. I forced them to come into close contact, and the scorp stung the cricket, which started jumping around like crazy trying to flee. I came back later that day, and the cricket was dead as a door nail, still in tact. The scorpion, on the other hand, was missing legs, and it's tail and had been separated from the rest of its body. So much for trying to keep a pet scorpion! Lesson learned: crickets are surprisingly tough insects!

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Sometimes a scorpion mother if Hungary can eat her offspring.

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