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Q: How big are Kevin garnetts hands?
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What is Kevin Garnetts full name?

Kevin Maurice Garnett is his full name.

What is the name of Kevin Garnetts posse?

The Boston three party

What is Kevin garnetts cell phone number?


Kevin Garnett's grandparents are from where?

Kevin Garnetts grandparents are from rape city that is were Kevin garnett lost his virginity to by being raped?

What is Kevin garnetts email address?

His e-mail address is

What was Kevin garnetts 1st salary?

126 million over 6 years

What is Kevin garnetts career high in rebounds for one game?

25, he did it two times

What is Kevin garnetts height?

The NBA lists him at 6'11 but actually he's more like 7'0.

Whose hands were in the big chill funeral scene?

Kevin costner

When was Kevin Garnetts rookie year?

Kevin Garnett was the 5th pick in the 1995 draft. That would make his rookie season the 1995-1996 NBA season.

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