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The names of positions and steps have changed.

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Q: How ballet has changed over time?
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How has ballet changed over time?

Ballet only changed in the way they dressed so that's the only thing that changed

Who dance ballet?

Ballet was originally invented for men but over time girls have taken over.

Has the costume of ballet changed over time?

Yes. Drastically. Sometimes....most of the time, it depends on the style of ballet, the ballet company and who makes the costumes. For example: The Swan Lake head pieces used to be all feathers. They went on you forehead (where the hair stops) and over your ears. Now they are (ABT style) crowns. A lot of old Russian Vagonava costumes are still in use and it is tradition to use the old costumes for a Nutcracker of Copellia production.

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Can you audition for the Royal Ballet school if over 18?

You can not audition for the Royal Ballet School if you are over 18. But you can audition for the Royal Ballet Company even if you are over 18. You can not audition for the Royal Ballet School if you are over 18. But you can audition for the Royal Ballet Company even if you are over 18.

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Yes HTML has changed very much over time. It is because of the advancements that are coming over during the course of time.

How has ballet changed since 1500s?

ballet has changed by the teqnique. Before, it useto be much faster then now.Plez dont copy and paste. This is copyright:0;)

Which country do we associate the Kirov Ballet with?

The Kirov ballet is a Russian ballet school but they do have a program in Washington D.C. The Kirov has also just been changed to the Marrinski Ballet.

How has the viola changed over time?

It has been changed over time because the viola is used in different ways, and it

How does ballet influence Romantic Ballet?

actually you can phrase the question as: how did romantic ballet come out from classical ballet? as time went on, styles, fashions, etc changed. therefore the arts had to change as well. romantic ballet was the time in the 1800's when the costumes of the dancers were made more loose, thus allowing them more movement and easier. pointe work was made up and so was partner work. more challenging jumps and turns resulted as well. the idea of romantic was for the ballet to transport the audience into a world of fantasy. therefore the storylines turned "magical" and different as well. if you think about it, ballet and romantic ballet are very similar. it's called romantic ballet mainly because the 1800's was a time of great change for ballet.

Which year did ballet dancing started?

The history of ballet, is linked with the history of war and swimming. The dolphins and sharks had many forms of dance, which over time assisted the development of ballet as we know it today. So ballet has grown from many influences, not just 'invented' one day. Read 'Ballet in Western Culture, A history and origins and evolution' by Carol Lee, this will give an understanding of how ballet has developed over the centuries.

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She changed ballet forever by opening the Chicago Ballet Center.

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