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Minnesota hockey is some of the best hockey in the world, the people value not only the Wild but also 5 division 1 hockey teams in the state and also the biggest high school tournament in the nation

Im only 13 and i love the wild and minnesota golden gophers they r awesome. I hate the UND Sioux. Go U of M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Go GOPHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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โˆ™ 2009-01-26 22:34:29
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Q: How awesome is Minnesota hockey?
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Who Loves the Minnesota Golden Gophers Hockey like me?

no one. everybody thy r awesome and the Sioux suck

How do you know that Minnesota is a good place to live?

Minnesota is a good place to live because of the great hockey and all of the snow! To me snow is just plain awesome and I love it.

When was Minnesota Junior Hockey League created?

Minnesota Junior Hockey League was created in 1974.

What is the NHL hockey team in Minnesota?

minnesota wild

Songs at Minnesota Wild hockey game?

The State of Hockey

What is the Minnesota state sport?

the minnesota state sport is hockey

Home to the US Hockey hall of fame?

There is a hockey hall of fame in Eveleth, Minnesota is up in northern Minnesota

Why they invented ice hockey?

They invented ice hockey because it is awesome.

What was the first Minnesota sport?


What is the hockey coldest state?


What is the name of Minnesota's hockey team?

The NHL club in Minnesota is known as the Minnesota Wild.

What is the Minnesota hockey roster?

minnesota what? theres a few collages, and the wild

Why did hockey start?

Hockey started because the world was not awesome enough without it.

What does the A stand for on a Russian hockey uniform?


What is the game hockey?

in 1 word : AWESOME

When was Minnesota Golden Gophers women's ice hockey created?

Minnesota Golden Gophers women's ice hockey was created in 1997.

What state is called The State of Hockey?


What is minnesots hockey team?

Minnesota Wild.

What is the best amateur hockey state?


What is the origin of Minnesota?

jacey is so awesome

Are the Minnesota north stars awesome?

not at all

In what state is hockey the most popular?

Minnesota and Mass. have the most youth and high school hockey. Midwesterners would say Minnesota, while Easterners would say Mass. Minnesota produces the most Div 1 and pro hockey players per capita, so I would say that hockey is most popular in Minnesota.

Is hockey a major sport in Saint Paul Minnesota?

Yes! The Minnesota Wild (professional Hockey team) have sold out all seats at every home hockey game since they started in Minnesota in 2000 (after the North Stars moved to Texas).

Where can one purchase Minnesota Wild hockey tickets?

Minnesota Wild hockey tickets can be purchased from many different places that sell hockey tickets. Some websites that sell hockey tickets include Ticket Master and NHL.

Who invented inline skating?

a Minnesota hockey player