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This question has the same fraternal concept and as many answers as the question,"What is the meaning of life?". The gender differences can be extensive and exhausting, with a myriad of perspectives, scientific theories, as well as practical knowledge. Without descending to an in-depth dissertation with the obvious physical aspects, I purpose to address the "Psychological and Communicative" areas from a lay-person's perspective. I will refer only to man's and woman's general nature; it is not my intent to say this answer is all inclusive, there are many exceptions to these findings with various individuals, countless variables.

The way men and women communicate is essentially different. Men gravitate toward speaking in the primary sense and the women often lend themselves to the categorical sense. Basically and in general, men on the whole think physically. Men think in physical and concrete terms, what they can see, touch, taste, perceive in general. Whereas, women think emotionally, logically, more conceptually. Women think in terms of ideas and concepts.

Women are right brained. Women tend to establish an intimate atmosphere to solve problems creatively and collectively using both sides of the brain. She may try to fix problems in other people, whether it's desired or not. She wants what's best for the relationship, be it for her or him. She thinks for love and relationship building. Talking, for women, is sharing with a goal of closeness and togetherness, an intimacy to achieve an equitable result. Like most women, she formulates her requests as proposals rather than orders.

Men generally use the left side of the brain which uses analytical logic and his thoughts tend toward task-oriented problem solving, advice and solutions. Men have single focus, one-track minds, and often fail to notice the emotional side of things. Another important part of his thinking is social status; it is innate and this part of a man's thinking can be associated with the animal kingdom. The leader of the pack has the highest status. Men can't lose status, in society or relationships. Their thoughts serve to elevate or at the very least retain the status quo. While women typically don't care who is in charge, part of the reason they don't follow men well, men typically taking the role of leader, or spend an inordinate amount of time trying to determine who the leader is. Women see the problem as the leader, they move as a group being directed by the existence of the problem to find a resolution. Men on the other hand see the problem as a manipulative intrusion, they determine a leader, and that leader directs the group how to resolve the issue.

An important issue in the differences between men and women is illustrated by Stress, and the role it plays chemically in the psyche and the different reactions it causes between men and women. Stressful situations, physical and emotional, trigger the release of hormones. These hormones identify the major differences chemically between men and women.. In times of stress the hormone Oxytocin is released in both men and women. Some research suggests oxytocin is a love drug; it is also known as "the cuddle hormone". However, Estrogen in women enhances oxytocin and causes calming, nurturing effects (the mothering concept), They become more emotionally sensitive. Men, on the other hand, produce large quantities of Testosterone which diminish the effects of oxytocin and can cause anger reactions and/or aggressive behavior.

The brains of men and women are structurally different. Through much neurological research it has been determined that the male brain size was been found to be generally 10-12% larger than women's. However, the size of the brain has nothing to do with intellect; it is purely physiological. Men need larger brains to produce more neurons to regulate their larger muscle mass and frame size. Some women may tender the notion that the 10-12% of a man's brain is muscle, hence the termMuscle-head. There are three forms of tissue in the brain. The two of importance to this discussion are grey matter and white matter. Grey matter deals directly with muscle control, sensory perceptions, memory, emotions, and speech. A recent study implies men have over six times the amount of grey matter as women with associated intelligence. White matter is the communication duct of the brain. It conveys messages between neurons primarily. While it might seem an imbalance, it is important to consider that a huge portion of brain function is devoted to communications with the body of the host as well as other people. Women have well over 9% white matter with the same intellectual level as men. The results suggest "Men and Women" have two anatomically different brain designs which are equal in intelligence. To put it simply, gray matter is the center for rendering information; white matter is a transmitting area. This is why each gender excels in different areas. The brains grey or white matter both perform equally in cognitive aptitudes. Obviously men are hardwired for spacial thinking and facilitating concrete problem solving. Women on the other hand are equally hardwired to talk through a problem to find a solution. The primary source for confrontations between the genders is obviously then the way we think and speak and in many cases our actions as a result. We all have different behaviors, innate and created. Men are task-oriented and less talkative while women's verbal behaviors and nonverbal skills (reading the behavior and nonverbal communications of others) far exceed that of men. Learning the other's way of conversing and understanding their intended meaning is a leap across the communication gap, and a giant step towards a genuine understanding of each other.

Casting aside all the findings without evidential foundations, inaccurate out-of-context psycho-babble, prejudices, and fears, shows that male and female minds are equal in intellectual prowess. The differences between men and women is more a glimpse of the two sides of a whole. The minds of men and women not only belong together (relationship-wise) but can work together, complimenting one another as a whole in unison as in all aspects of life.

Simply speaking, mankind cannot exist without Men and Women together. Should it be that we think apart and individually as only half of natures design or should we think and communicate together as a whole and as nature intended? Once each realizes their respective equal roll and complements the others harmoniously, then they will be able to come together collectively, working with greater efficiency as a cohesive unit.

Men and women differ by design; nature states this all too well. Physically the difference is obvious and perfect when you think of how well the physiology works together. The obstacles are the psychological behaviors of the genders, which gives rise to the query, "Why do we allow so much wasted time and energy toward resisting the predestined natures of the perfect psychological union?" We choose to observe the differences as diametric opposition, rather than opposite halves of a whole. If we were to reverse this trend, consider all the positives that both genders working in concert in a cohesive effort, it would result in achieving monumental goals. The words "Peace on Earth" would cease to be an idiomatic expression and blossom into its full and true intended meaning.

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