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Teammates need to collaborate with each other rather they are on the sport's field or in the broad room. Collaborate means to work together and that is the only way to have a winning team, as each person has their own strengths.

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Q: How are these terms related collaborate teammate?
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Sentence for teammate?

He passed the ball to his teammate. When his teammate couldn't find a lace, he loaned him one.

How are these terms related?

How are these terms related? Plausible : Believabl

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Can a athletic sell herbalife product to his teammate?

An athlete can sell Herbalife products to his teammates. Herbalife supplements are sold by independent distributors across the globe. Selling to fellow teammates would not violate the terms and conditions related to the distribution of Herbalife products.

What is the possessive form of teammate?

The plural form of the noun teammate is teammates.The plural possessive form is teammates'.example: My teammates' support is essential to my performance on the field.

What is the origin of collaborate?

Co-, cum-, col- are related prefixes meaning together. Laborare is Latin for to work.

What is the singular possessive of teammate?

The possessive form for the singular noun teammate is teammate's.Example: My teammate's injury turned out to be a minor one.

What part of speech is collaborate?

Collaborate is a verb.

Did sin cara teammate lose?

Sin Cara is a wrestler with the WWE. Since Sin Cara wrestles alone, and does not work with a teammate, it cannot be determined if his teammate lost, since his teammate does not currently exist.

How many syllables are in collaborate?

Collaborate has four syllables.

Is teammates an adjective?

No, teammates is a noun. It's the plural form of teammate.

Is collaborate a noun?

No, collaborate is a verb. The noun form is collaboration.