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AFC NFC NFL Super Bowl and Pro Bowl- How it all works: The NFL is the National Football League.

The NFL is broken down into two conferences (set of teams)

  1. The AFC -American Football Conference
  2. and the NFC -National Football Conference

The Super Bowl:

The winning team of the AFC Championship plays the winning team of the NFC Championship at the Super Bowl.

The Pro Bowl:

The Best players from all the AFC teams play the Best players from all the NFC teams at the Pro Bowl ( excluding players on the two teams that go to the Superbowl) If you play in the Super Bowl-you don't play in the Pro Bowl.

The pro Bowl takes place a week before the Super bowl (it used to occur after the Super Bowl, but this custom changed 2 years ago).

For the 2011 Year

AFC Championship- Jets Vs Steelers (Jan 23 2011)

-The Steelers won

NFC Championship- Bears Vs Packers (January 23 2011)

The Packers won

Pro Bowl- (January 30th 2011)

Super Bowl -(February 6th 2011)Steelers Vs Packers

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Q: How are the terms AFC NFC NFL Super Bowl and Pro bowl related to one another?
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