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ODI is 50 overs each side. It is only for one day. You are allowed to switch hit. Wide balls are any ball that goes down the leg side that the batsmen misses. Even if it is 1 cm from his thigh. There are free hit and batting power plays.

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Q: How are the rules for ODI different from the rules for test cricket?
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Who scored 30000 runs in test n odi cricket?

sachin tendulkar has scored about 33000 runs total in ODI and test cricket

What was the uniform of India in the 1983 ODI Cricket World Cup?

In 1983 there was no separate dress code for ODI Cricket. It was white uniform as in Test Cricket.

5 difference's about test cricket and one day cricket?

Test stands for 5 days but ODI is for 1 day Player need to wear white dress in test and colour dress in ODI Test match is played with red ball where as ODI with white ball in test can can be change on or after 80 overs but in ODI it can change after 30 overs ODI have only 50 overs and test 90 overs in a day....and it can be also played on one one in each different days.

How many sixes hit by rahul dravid in his tast and odi cricket?

21 in Test matches and 42 in ODI's.

How many centuries are made by Raina in Odi?

He has scored a total of 4 centuries in international cricket. 3 in ODI and 1 in test cricket. He does not have any T20 centuary.

What is the size of the ground in a t20 match?

Same as normal ODI and test cricket...

Had any player received man of the match in test cricket or odi cricket just for fielding or just for captaincy?

not at all

How many wickets has muttiah murlitharan taken in test and one-day cricket?

800 in test, 519 in ODI.

How many times Pakistan beat India in cricket?

pls. specify in ODI, Test or T20

Who claimed sachin's wicket in his first odi?

In Test Cricket it was Waqar Younis bowled for 15.

Who is the highest individual run getter of India in a match of both forms Test and ODI Cricket?

Virender Sehwag holds both the individual records. He has scored 319 in Test and 219 in ODI.

Radius of a tennis ball?

radius of cricket ball is 52 mm. its red in test cricket. has white color in odi.