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Q: How are the rows of seats at Texas Stadium numbered or lettered?
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How are the rows of seats at the Palace of Auburn Hills Numbered or lettered?

the rows are lettered and the seats or numbered. but each section is the same thing.

Is ROW 1 the front row at Michigan Stadium or are there lettered seats in front of the numbered seats?

There are lettered seats in front. I had tickets for Row 1 in one of the endzones and there were a few rows in front us, lettered something like AA, BB, and CC or something.

What is an all-seater stadium?

An all-seater stadium is a sports stadium which consists solely of numbered seats - with no terraces for standing spectators.

How many seats does university of texas football stadium have?

The University of Southern California Trojan Stadium is called the Coliseum and there 93,607 seats.

In what state is Cowbody Stadium located?

Cowboy Stadium is located in Arlington, Texas. It was fully built on May 27, 2009 and served to replace the Texas Stadium. The stadium itself seats 85,000 and is the 3rd largest stadium in use by the NFL.

How many seats are there in the stadium?

how many seats are there in the stadium

How are the seats numbered at the Georgia dome?

How are the seats numbered at the ga. dome for the Falcon's games

What is the seating capacity of the Texas Rangers stadium?

Texas Stadium's maximum capacity was 65,675. Texas Stadium closed on December 20, 2008 and was demolished on April 11, 2010.

What color are the seats in Yankee Stadium?

The seats at the new Yankee Stadium are Navy blue. The old stadium seats were Royal blue.

How many seats are in the Bank of America stadium?

There are 73,778 seats in Bank Of America Stadium! :)

What stadium can hold 230000 people?

Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor MI Beaver Stadium, State College, PA Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, TN To name a few. Ohio stadium "the horseshoe" Columbus, Ohio Texas memorial stadium austn, Texas there's a stadium in north Korea that seats 150k, one in India 120k as well as several others around the world the largest stadiums are all raceways w/ indianaplois motorspeedway being the largest in the world w/ 250k seats

How many seats does the saints stadium have?

It has 18000 capacity of seats.