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In IPL, 2 points goes to the winning team. I would like to suggest some changes in rules for points calculation. Runs (Per run scored) 1 Point Dismissed for a duck (-20 points) (should not be applicable for bowlers) Strike Rate of 70.00+ 20 Points (this should be changed to strike rate of 100+) Strike Rate of 60-69.99 12 Points (this should be changed to strike rate of 90+) Note: Strike Rate points are awarded for innings of 20 runs or more Batsman scores half century 20 Points Batsman scores century 40 Points Wickets (Per wicket) 20 Points 2.5 or less r.p.o. 20 Points (this should be changed to 4.5 or less) 2.51-3.5 r.p.o. 10 Points (this should be changed to 4.51-5.51) 5.0 or more r.p.o. (-20 Points) (this should be changed to 7 or more rpo and should not be applicable for batsmen who bowl) Note: Economy Rate points are awarded/deducted for 5 overs or more (this should change to 2 overs or more) Bowler takes 3/4 wickets in an inning 20 Points Bowler takes 5 or more wickets in an inning 40 Points Fielding Catch 10 Points Runout 10 Points Stumping (W'keeper only) 10 Points

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Q: How are the points for the Indian Premier League calculated?
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How are points calculated in the Premier League?

3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and no points for a defeat.

Which premier league team has the least premier league points in a season?

Derby County scored just 11 points in 2007-08.

Which premier league team has the Most premier league points in a season?

Its Chelsea....2004-05 season

Which premier league team has the most points since the premier league began?

I'm 99% sure that it is Manchester United, as they have won the Premier League the most times

How many points did Man Utd have in 02-03 in the Premier League?

83 points won the league by 5 points

What points do you get for the premier league?

In the premiere league you get three points for a outright win and a point each if the clubs draw a game.

How many points won the premier league in 2008?

87 points Manchester united

How many points did man you have in 0405 in the premier league?


Who has had the most points in the premier league overall?

Manchester United.

What points did Manchester United win premier league with in1999?

Manchester United won the 1999-2000 Premier League Championship with 91 points, finishing eighteen points ahead of the runners-up, Arsenal!

What is the fewest points scored by any team in a Premier League season?

Sunderland: 15 points

How many teams have a 1000 points in premier league history?


Is Celtic top of the scottish premier league?

Yes, Celtic is the leading team of the Scottish Premier League. They had a total of 99 points in the 2031-2014 season.

Who is in the finals in Barclays premier league?

The Barclays premier league does not have finals. They simply play 38 matches and whomever has the most points at the end of the season wins.

How does the points work in premier league?

3 points for win, 1 point for both teams for a draw, and no points for losing.

Most points in one season premier league?

95 points by Chelsea 2004/2005 season.

How many points did Man U have in 0102 in the Premier League?

7777 points easy......

Which club had the highest point to clinch the baclays premier league in the history of english premier league?

Before the renewal of the Premier league in 1992, Manchester United reached the highest tally of points (88+) to win the league. After the introduction of the new system, Chelsea holds the season with the highest point tally with 95 points in their impressive 2004-2005 season.

How many points do you get for a win and a draw in the Premier League?

In the Premier League you get ;3 Points for a Win (Away Game)1 Point for a DrawBut if its an Home game its 2 Points

Who will win the premier league this season?

Manchester City will win by 10 points.

How many points did Man U have in 03-04 in the Premier League?


How many points did Man U have in 04-05 in the Premier League?


Which club won most premier league points in 2009?

Manchester United

Which team has achieved the highest total of points in 20 years of the premier league?

Manchester United (1663 points)

Who won the premier league in 1996 in England?

Man Utd with 82 points, four points ahead of Newcastle.