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When sun rays reflect off a parabolic dish/mirror an invisible sun beam ignites the torch and this is the ancient method still used to light the Olympic Torch.

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they choose the flag bearer from the country the Olympics thre Olympics is held at and that person lights the olympic flame

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Because they have done something that really stands out so they get chosen

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Q: How are the Olympic torch runners chosen?
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How many runners carried the Olympic torch?


How much to purchase the Canadian Olympic Torch for 2010 runners?


Do the 2010 olympic torch runners continuously?

yes because its good exercise

How were the Olympic torch runners picked in Ancient Greece?

the champions from they year before.

Were does the Olympic torch come from?

The flame originates in Greece and is carried to the current venue by individual runners.

Where and how is the olympic and paralympic torch lit?

The Olympic Torch is ignited at the site of the ancient Olympics in Olympia, Greece. The torch is kindled by the concentrated light of the Sun, focused by a parabolic mirror. The torch is then carried by a relay of runners to the location of where the games are being held.

How is the torch brought to the Olympics?

the torch runners walk half way, ride the plane a bit, (including ships) and carries the torch to the Olympic ceremony by walking ,at last.

Can 2010 Winter Olympic torch runners keep their torch?

Yes they can. And to make sure they are authentic they are told not to wipe the soot off the torch. The carbon stain authenticates the fact the torch was lit and used in the relay.

Who lit the olympic torch at the 2012 Olympic opening ceremonies?

7 young athletes that were chosen by gold medal winners from GB

What color was the olympic 2012 torch?

The Olympic torch, which was made from aluminium alloy, was gold in colour (but contained no real gold). It contained 8,000 circular holes, to represent the 8,000 torch runners around the world (the holes also helped feed oxygen to the flames to keep them alive).

What is the signifiacance of the olympic torch and flame?

The olympic torch represents the theft of fire from Zeus by Prometheus the giant. It also might represent a relay run in the late Ancient Olympics in which a team of runners passed a torch between them and the last runner lit a huge torch. It is a tradition to light the flame at the beginning of all Modern Olympics.

Why do you have the Olympic torch?

we have the olympic torch to reprecent the countrey