How are the NHL playoffs set up?

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The highest seed gets to play the lowest seed in the first and second rounds. In the second round, the other two teams have to face each other. That is the only thing that is different from other sports brackets.

All series are a best of seven with the higher seed schedule being Home,Home,Away,Away,Home,Away,Home. Both conferences are alike. In the first round of the playoffs the 1 seed plays the 8 seed in their conference. The 2 seed plays the 7 seed. The 3 seed plays the 6 seed. The 4 seed plays the 5 seed. The four teams that win their series go on to the 2nd round. The highest remaining seed plays the lowest remaining seed. The two middle teams play each other. After those series the two remaining teams play each other for the conference championship. Again the team with the higher team has home-ice advantage. After this series is over the remaining team goes on to the Stanley cup finals to play the other team that won their conference. "Home ice advantage in each NHL playoff series prior to the Stanley Cup Finals is granted by superior seed, even if the 'wild card' team had a better regular season record. For the Finals, the team with the better record will receive home ice advantage." -Google

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Q: How are the NHL playoffs set up?
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