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When a player throws the Frisbee to a teammate in a football-like endzone, the team gets one point.

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2012-06-28 05:10:33
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Q: How are points scored in the game of ultimate frisbee?
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What is the objective of the game of ultimate Frisbee?

to win

When and where was the game of Ultimate Frisbee develop?

at a college

What is the spirit of the game for ultimate frisbee?

to get the goal

How many players on each side in a typical game in ultimate frisbee?

It is typically seven versus seven in a typical game of Ultimate Frisbee.

How many players are on each side in a typical game of ultimate frisbee?

It is typically seven versus seven in a typical game of Ultimate Frisbee.

How long can the player with the disc hold the Frisbee during an ultimate Frisbee game?

5 seconds

What is the name of the frisbee game involving body contact?

Ultimate Frisbee also referred to as 'Guts' sometimes

Where did the drinking game beer frisbee originate?

A thirsty ultimate player A thirsty ultimate player

What are the age level in ultimate frisbee?

there are no age levels for this game. the only thing you need to do is catch and throw a frisbee.

What is The Spirit of the Game in ultimate frisbee?

The spirit of the game in ultimate Frisbee is that you follow the rules and play fair. Since there are no referees in ultimate, is is up to the players to call their own fouls and travels. Spirit of the game is that you will not cheat and you will go out their and play fairly. After the game, you will be respectful and not brag or boast.

What is the most points scored in a NFL game?

The most points scored in a NFL video game is 105 points.

Is Ultimate Frisbee played in halfs?

Yes Ultimate Frisbee is commonly played where whichever team gets 7 points first is when the first half ends. The game will then end when a team reaches 13 points. However, I have also seen the Major League Ultimate (MLU) play in quarters timed at 15 minutes a quarter. The first option is more common among high school and some college ultimate.

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