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you choose your number

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Q: How are player number chosen to be on uniform?
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What does the uniform of a baseball player need to have?

a number

What was Phillies player Ray Culp's uniform number?


Who wore number 12 for the Phillies?

No current Phillies' player has uniform number 12.

What is the probability of choosing a number greater than 21 if a number is randomly chosen between 1 and 50?

Assuming the uniform continuous distribution, the answer is 29/49. With the uniform discrete distribution, the answer is 29/50.

What is a basketball uniform'?

Basketball Uniform (jersey) is important to discern the teams, they are usually shorts and tops. Each player on the court must have a number on their uniform.

What kind of number is the number on a baseball player's uniform?

This is a one or two digit positive integer.

What was casey stengel's number as a player?

He didn't have a number. Stengel retired as a player in 1925, several years before numbers were put on a player's uniform.

Which famous soccer player has wore uniform number 42?

Vimal Rana

WHAT WAS La angels baseball player kendry morales 2009 uniform number?


What Yankee player was last player ever to wear number 42?

Mariano Rivera Number 42Mariano Rivera is the last Major league ballplayer, and Yankees player still wearing uniform number 42. Major League Baseball retired Jackie Robinsons uniform number 42. No Other player on any team can wear the number. Because Mariano had the number when Robinsons number was retired he was allowed to continue wearing it. When Mariano Rivera retires from baseball the New York Yankees will retire uniform number 42 in honor him.

What Philadelphia Phillies player wore uniform number 26?

Currently, Chase Utley wears number 26

Who is number 45 for the cardinals?

Currently the St. Louis Cardinals do not have a player with the Uniform Number of 45 as of October 2009.

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