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Q: How are martial arts and meditation connected to zen buddhims principle of self control?
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How did zen buddhsts control their bodies and mind?


Which sect of Buddhism in Japan promoted self control meditation and martial arts?

Which sect of Buddhism in Japan promoted self control, meditation, and martial arts?

What does meditation do to your body?

Meditation, particularly Vipassana(insight meditation) will do alot of benifit to your body. It will control the body through mind. It will slowdown certain chemical reactions and control some of the neuro-excitatory hormes so that it will help in maintaining the health such as reduction of blood pressure, control of blood sugar,and improves the immunity of the person who practices it. This insight meditation was discovered by Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.

What does meditation do for you for you?

Mindfulness Meditation helps you to calm your body as well as mind, with these practices we can control our mind and let go of negativity. It’s meant to live in the present moment and control your emotions.

Is meditation a good form of anger management?

Meditation is a great form of anger management. I know from personal experience that when I began to get upset and angry, that control my breathing helps greatly, and the breathing involved with meditation helped me be able to compose myself and get my anger under control.

How can You control your heartbeat by making faster or slower?

The only way to do this is by deep meditation.

What are facts about meditation in Buddhism?

This is a big question. Are you asking about facts to do with meditation or the results and benefits of meditation? Other than saying most Buddhists meditate, and some meditate a lot there's not much more I can say to suc a general question. If you want to know about the benefits of meditation in Buddhism there have been hundreds of works written over the centuries on this subject. Modern science has only just started to probe beneath the surface and meditation is being recommended to people in the West by a range of health professionals Our relative suffering and happiness are directly connected to what we do with our mind, meditation allows to to take control and some direct responsibility.

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air is introduced from top opening of valve . this air will deflect diaphragm that causes a motion and this motion move down the stem with the help of spring.the stem is connected to plug that will control the liquid flow.

How was the lady able to control the cobra in Karate Kid?

Through meditation. She hypnotized the cobra

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