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yes they put these electronic boards on the wall and it senses it when you touch it

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Q: How are laps timed in olympic swimming. Are there sensors to get the exact time they touch the wall?
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Does Olympic pool have sensor in the whole wall?

Yes, they have touch sensors. There are timed touch sensors on the wall.

Which events are in the triathlon?

The triathlon is a multidisciplinary race. Swimming, followed by cycling and finally a run. All three are timed and the 'transition' period in between each discipline is also timed.

How is math used Olympics swimming?

The swimmers are timed down to the second. That is math. The events are in meters that is math.

Is the menstrual cycle is timed according to the lunar cycle? is never exact...ever...depends on hormones

How is swimming judged in the Olympics?

Swimming i judged by who touches the wall first at the end of whatever distance the swimmers are supposed to swim. swimming is also timed by officials and a pressure sensing pad on the wall. I hope this helps.

How swimming is played?

Swimming can't really be played. Swimming is more of a social event. You can swim for sport but its simply a timed race of a set stroke over a certain distance. E.g 50m Butterfly. Swimming is used, however, in sports such as water polo.

Why is swimming timed by milleseconds?

Several races have come down to one one-hundredth of a second to determine gold and sliver.Three races in the previous two Olympics have come down to one one-hundredth of a second. They are:Men's 50 meter freestyle at the 2004 Olympic gamesWomen's 50 meter freestyle at the 2008 Olympic gamesMen's 100 meter butterfly at the 2008 Olympic gamesAll of those events are sprint events meaning the pace is very fast and there is almost no room to "pull away". That results in very close finishes in which any of 8 competitors has a shot at the gold.If swimming was timed at any other margin, there would be alot of room for multiple winners. Also, that is not precises and that could be a huge problem.

What is the diagnostic code p1345 for 2000 Chevy blazer?

It means the crankshaft and camshaft sensors arent correlated. Which basically means your distributor isnt timed correctly.

What was Evan Lysacek's time in the Olympics?

Evan Lysacek won figure skating Olympic gold at the 2010 winter Olympics. This is not a timed event

Is dressage timed?

No dressage is not timed

How many timed sports are in the Olympics?

All swimming and track events. Also events in canoeing, equestrian, cycling, rowing, sailing, pentathlon, and triathlon.

What is the average amount of timed action in a football game?

The exact amount of timed action in a football game is 1 hour due to 4 15 minute quarters. The maximum time is 75 minutes due to an over time period.

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