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I used to play roller-hockey. I was always told that if you could skate in in-line skates you could ice skate. The balance and weight distribution is the same.

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Q: How are in-line skates roller skates and ice skates alike?
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What are the advantages of skates?

ice skates or roller skates? both sports are good for your legs.

Can you turn your roller skate into an ice skate?

No. You can't but on Figure Skates you can get wheels put on them and then you will have Roller Skates

Can you transfer ice skates to roller?

I guess if you took off the blade and put on wheels you could but you cannot roller skate in ice skates

What can you wear that begins with the letter i?

People wear inline skates, ice skates and Izod shirts.

What clothing begins with the letter I?

People wear inline skates, ice skates and Izod shirts.

Is ice skates one word or two words?

Two words, like figure skates, hockey skates, or roller skates .

How do you practice your figure skating with no ice around?

Get inline skates. Same idea with no need for ice.

Tell a rhyming word with plates that you wear instead of shoes?

Roller skates, ice skates, or just plain skates.

Something that you wear that start with I?

You could wear ice skates, inline skates or Izod shirts. They begin with the letter i.

What clothing artice that starts with an I?

People wear inline skates, ice skates and Izod shirts. They begin with the letter i.

A type of clothing that starts with i?

Ice skates, inline skates and Izod shirts are clothing items. They begin with the letter i.

What is an item of clothing starting with i?

Clothing items that begin with the letter i:Izod shirts,ice skates,inline skates

Why were the roller skates invented?

to get from place to place when there wasn't ice... they complimented ice skaters

What are the similarities and differences between ice skates and roller skates?

They are both good for health and pretty easy after lots of practice. The only difference is that in ice-skating you can only skate in ice rinks, while roller-skates have specially designed indoor rinks and you can skate outdoors. But not on ice.

What does ice-skating and roller-skating have in common?

both you have to wear skates

Where did roller skates replace ice skates?

Roller skates are very popular to this day... Although I bet you that people decided to stay indoors in the winter, rather than go rollerskating somewhere nearby... They probably thought- "Wouldn't it be cool if we could roller-skate on ice?" And vola! Ice-skates were born! Kinda a pathetic answer but hey! Hoped it helped!

What is a piece of clothing that begin with the letter I?

People wear inline skates, ice skates and Izod shirts. They begin with the letter i.

Is inline skating like ice skating?

Inline skating is very much like ice skating. A person like me who inline skates often, picked up a pair of skates and was able to skate very fast and well. If anything, its a little slippery-er

In which Family Guy episode does Peter skate?

He ice skates in And the Wiener Is & roller skates in Hell Comes to Quahog

Name something to wear that starts with the letter I?

People wear Izod shirts, ice skates and inline skates. They begin with the letter i.

What is faster rollerblades or ice skates?

it depends on what kind of skates. when it comes to rollerblades, speed ice skates smoke the speed of a roller blade, but when it comes to rollerblades and a regular ice skate, i would say they are about even

Does doncaster dome do ice skate sharpening and how much is it and when are they able to do them?

Yes they do, i belive it costs £40 for inline/hockey skates and £60 for figure skates

What clothing that starts with the letter i?

People wear inline skates, ice skates and Izod shirts. Iron Heart is a brand of clothes made in Japan.

Are roller hockey and ice hockey equipment the same?

roller hockey u need a jock big ice hockey pants and roller skates the best is mojo a hockey stick that is made from copper ice hockey u need pants stick made of wood and helmet and ankle pads and skates

What do you get a 11 year old boy for his birthday?

An iPad. Has he ever gone ice skating? because on my 11th birthday i went on a ice skating party and i loved it so my mum and dad decided to buy me some ice skates and if hes not too confident then u can buy him some Inline roller skates for ebay or a cheap online shop